December Blog 2023
Hi to you for December,

I trust that you are doing what you can to feel good and have your life be in the best place possible for living healthily and feeling content!

I’m sure there’s been some anomalies from time to time and I wonder if we can see the learning if you’d consider it like that. I find situations very interesting that appear both fantastic or difficult and how I behave and what my contribution is to either help or hinder the path ahead. The unfolding at times is fascinating. The university of life is always assisting us to grow and develop.

I wonder what you are up to for Christmas this year, whether it will be a quiet occasion or lively and up tempo. Either way this one day of the year calls in opportunity to love and be there for one another and as we can for ourselves.

This year I’ve decided to have a quieter Christmas and a relaxing time. Time off for me with yoga to start my day, then breakfast and later lunch, that will have been picked up the day before from the sustainably focused eatery, bar and workshop space, “My Grandma Ben’ at Plant 4. I highly recommend this place if you’re in this neck of the woods. Then I plan to go for a walk and right now it feels like a trip to the beach is in order at some stage. See what unfolds.

Boundaries may need to be in the background as a means of safety for your emotional self. Speaking our truth is important but also said in a way that is taking all parties into consideration. We’re all humans doing our thing so being gentle and kind is beneficial, you know the deal. While being forthright maybe called for at times it’s in how we project it out there as to how others may react.

This is a great time to release what you feel you are ready to move on from, being the last aspects of this year. It’s beneficial to find even a small amount of time to gather thoughts onto paper that could be in dot point or a conversation of what you are ready to move on from. Then have a burn off or rip it up if burning off doesn’t suit you. I have a large ceramic dish that I hold the paper (not scrunched up tight) up and light it and then let it burn and I have a stick to move and lift to help it completely burn all aspects of the paper up. Allow yourself time to move on from that, not in dwelling but in consideration of your emotions and what has been learned. Keep it simple, you can’t get it wrong it’s what feels right for you ok!

Then after doing that or on another day altogether what is your intention for 2024? Keep it loose and breezy. You may even have a white board up with topics or affirmations and add to it. However, this process suits you enjoy it and keeping things simple allowing things to evolve and develop as required. A Vision Board is always a great idea.

-I have some Christmas gifts that you might like to consider for your friends, family and self.
This Clearing Spray is a powerful spray that only a couple of squirts are enough to shift stagnant, upset or intense emotions, or clear a room. Filled with Australian Bush Flower Essences, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, spring water, and this latest series the majority have a small peridot crystal and it was made in the hour of Jupiter.

-I have of course a choice from all my mandalas, available as either the original (If available framed or unframed, recent mandalas are not framed) or as a print which can be framed if you choose. Each one is an oracle, and I will send the details of that as well as story of this series that I began in 2007.
You can use these to view and then meditate as a part of your healing journey.

-There are several healing services that I offer that can be given as a gift https://frizzkirby.com/product-category/services/
-And my book is available to purchase online for those interstate or international. For those locally I have copies available and am happy to sign a copy for you and you can collect from here. https://frizzkirby.com/shopbooks/

Have a fantastic month as we end this year up, enjoy your celebrations.
Much kindness and gentleness for you
Love Angela