Professional Clearing® & Testimonials


Professional Clearing® & Testimonials


“Do you Need a Professional Clearing®?  What You Don’t See Could Be Affecting Your Life

I am a Certified Master Professional Clearer ®. I have been professionally trained in a scientific methodology that diagnoses, removes, and remediates people and their environments of ‘dark unseen energies’ which may be impacting their lives in a negative way.

I am able to remove these ‘dark unseen energies’ at a distance for clients all over the world.

The results can be felt within 24 hours.

We tend to view the ‘unseen world’ as viruses and bacteria which can be seen through the powerful lens of a microscope.

There is another type of ‘unseen world’ that is as pervasive and is affecting people’s lives in serious way causing depression, anxiety, anger, health problems, financial problems, and simple ‘bad luck’.

Few know how to resolve these problems, let alone diagnose or remediate them so that wholeness and vibrancy is restored.

In the past, we thought of this type of ‘unseen’ world’ as imaginary or material for scary movies. Today, it is the subject of many serious articles and has even made it way to the pages of Forbes Magazine. Many states have created legal statues that require a seller to ‘disclose’ paranormal activity in a home to a perspective buyer.

Fortunately, a lot has changed over the years regarding the awareness and the seriousness of this matter.

More and more people are experiencing the affects of ‘dark unseen energies’; few are professionally trained to remove these invasive forces successfully.

How do these ‘unseen energies’ affect your life:

  • Sadness
  • Mental Rehearsing of Painful Memories from the Past
  • Financial Losses
  • Emotional Blocks
  • Anger/Edginess
  • Health Problems
  • Lack of ‘Focus’
  • Bad Luck
  • Block Property Sales
  • Employee difficulties in Work Environment
  • ‘Can’t get things done’
  • ‘Life on hold’
  • Marital and Relationship Problems
  • Slow down Addiction Recovery
  • Aggravation of Mental Health Problems
  • Prone to More Accidents than Usual
  • Feeling Uncomfortable at Home

I received my certification through Althea Gray’s International Institute for Professional Healers.

My intense year long program included :

  • A thorough exploration of all types of dark force invasion.
  • Exploring in detail the symptoms and causes for dark force infestation.
  • Symptoms – What people, land, and business experience as a result of dark force infestation.
  • How to Analyze and Resolve Problems quickly and easily from my desk.

My work with you will include the following:

  • A detailed Analyses of the Problems. A phone consultation to discuss the results.
  • Removal includes Past Life Vows and Agreements, Past Life Spells and Enchantments, Past Life ET
    Implants, Past and Present Life Vows of Poverty
  • A before and after ‘Light’ Analyses
  • Removal of ‘cording’ from 14 different Chakras
  • Removal of ‘cording’ from 12 different dimensions (many things that need to be cleared can be trapped in many different dimensions)
  • A Gold Treatment® ~ A non-medical Light Therapy. This will increase ‘Light’ to repel dark forces.


They say there is no such thing as a coincidence, however, I had been very unwell for 6 days, could only get out of bed for a couple of hours per day and was feeling extremely low in all ways.

I got a text from Angela to ask if she could do a distance gold treatment, (Ange, change that if it’s not the right terminology) for me. Without telling her I was unwell, I responded with a “yes please”.

I then settled myself into a meditative pose and concentrated on my breathing. After some time, I drifted off to sleep but I was aware of a feeling of love and peace vibrating in my body. I also received an intuitive message that all was well.

On waking, I knew that something had shifted. I no longer felt the heaviness of body and spirit that had been weighing me down for days. I reached for a book by my bedside and it fell open to a page about releasing stress. I checked in with myself, and could feel that I was no longer feeling the stress of illness and the stress of being unable to work.

I knew I was on the road to recovery. The next morning, I woke feeling like my old self again. It feels like a miracle! 24 hours previously, I had not been able to lift my head from the pillow and my body was aching and tired from the illness. Now, the illness has gone and I am up and at ‘em!

I don’t know what Angela did, from a distance of 100 kms, and not being aware that I was so unwell. But I do know that whatever she did, it has cleared my illness, cleared my mind and shifted my vibration into one of joy and lightness. What a difference I feel!

Thank you so much Angela, Your request came at the perfect time!


Kate SA Australia

Actually yes My home feels Lighter and Brighter.

Linda Sabot SA Australia

Hi Angela, house has definitely been a bit more peaceful! Lol

I’m finding I’m not quite as tired as I have been. The biggest change is my younger son, his behaviour has decreased dramatically, not so angry or aggressive, sleeping right through the night and his room still hasn’t got that smell back.

Leanne SA Australia

OOH Angela, I woke up this morning feeling healthy, light, clear clean, purpose in life again, happy, smiling, free, contentment, peace & overflowing with beautiful love. Then I read your message. (saying you have cleared my home & day before me) I am now feeling overwhelmed with gratitude.

Thank you for this beautiful work you are doing & thank you to your wonderful teacher. Love you beautiful soul.

YR SA Australia

Thank you so much Angela for the energetic clearing.

Given it was my first experience with energetic clearing, I didn’t quite know what expect. Interestingly enough, I felt the clearing of my house almost immediately. It is difficult to describe but it felt as if the house was cleaner in all sense of the word.

I recall doing some last-minute tidying up before leaving for New York, and noticing how everything in the house seemed cleaner than clean. Almost as if the floor, walls and furniture had a sparkle to it! It is difficult to express in words but the house felt peaceful and energetically aligned. While I was away, a friend came by to care for my cat and she told me afterwards that she had the same feeling about my house. She described it as cleaner feeling with an even better vibe than usual.

As for myself, it felt a little more subtle. What I did notice is that I felt like a polished mirror, able to shine my light and the light of others more noticeably. I would even go as far as saying that felt more connection with the oneness within me, perhaps this explains a sense of being more in the heart centre and therefore less fearful.

It hard to understand how the energetic clearing really works but I do trust my emotions and it tells me that it felt good to clear and reconnect with my own divinity. Thank you again for this blessing!

Namaste MF Canada

Firstly, thank you for doing the clearing on my home as well as the little seaside cottage. The changes or feelings have been quite subtle but I think overall there has been a general lightning or positive lifting in the house and of my wellbeing too. I will be visiting the cottage soon and I will be interested to notice any differences but in general I feel more positive about that location also and able to feel confident to visit.


This is my testimony on a recent energetic clearing of myself, my grandson Arlen and home.

I found that sense of lightness in our home after the clearing.

In response to myself and Arlen, my grandson, he seemed less anxious and recently was able to achieve his driver’s license, in one sitting which I felt awesome. Myself, these past 12 months have been testing after losing my son and gaining a grandson who now lives with me, including a downward spiral of a 6 year relationship.

Overall it has settled me from being overwhelmed with all these changes, including moving to a totally new environment, and starting a new life.

Many thanks Angela.
Beautifully orchestrated.

Jess W SA Australia

What I have noticed is that we all sleep better and I am calmer. Also, I just feel more at peace about everything, less worry and know that things will always turn out the way they are meant to.

MB SA Australia

I have felt a difference in myself and feel I can cope better with things. I can see a difference in my hubby. He has put on a lot of weight as he is very stressed at work. Since the cleansing he is walking watching what he eats and is changing the way he thinks about his approach to work problems.

Bronnie SA Australia

I can certainly feel the difference. I’m really looking forward to keeping up our sessions and continuing to work on myself. It’s so incredibly important for my children, husband and myself of course.

Life goes by so damn fast and of I course I want to make the best of it like most people.

Kelly H SA Australia

Angela’s clearing led to some changes on both physical and emotional levels. A friend arrived to help me clear up and sort through stuff, and the unproductive partner in house ownership decided to clear large piles of stuff in the yard and clear tree stumps. I then got in and prepared the bathroom to be tiled and finished which will hopefully be done soon.

Personally I became aware of space within myself and the need to meditate and not push myself so hard. I had just broken my leg so there was a feeling that it was time to find peace in stillness and solitude and this seemed easier at this time and I was happy to sit with this energy.

Karen Snashall SA Australia

What I have noticed since the clearing is – the biggest change in the last ten days is my courage to speak out about deep personal trauma to my friends and be willing to trust again. Also, I am noticing I need to be in my space to try process the trauma of my body mind soul. The love and sincerity of real connections to be able to believe in people, that good people are and will show up on my path has been notable in no doubt in 10 days.

My husband has had a softening quality to him also I had noticed. Our house is under renovation, but feels in order amongst the undertakings! I feel the house is reminding me of how solid and serene it really is. Thank you so much Ange.

Angela SA Australia

Angela has been my spiritual therapist and healer for 10 years now…yes, my journey with her has been long, intense, rewarding, joyful and all manner of emotions in between – and of course transformational. She intuitively knows what modality is needed to help in the moment and is warm, funny and real. She has recently done some gold light therapy and clearing sessions for me – on my son, my home, my business and myself and we’re feeling great benefits already; feeling happier, lighter and more positive, more balanced, confident and clear about our direction… and have both had some unexpected opportunities come our way”.

Gwen Meyer SA Australia

Well what an interesting week I have had.

Firstly – We put an offer on a house in Ovingham around the corner from your place – I haven’t even seen it – but I am putting my trust in Chris and my sis-in-law & brother..

Also – being in Meeka’ has been interesting – not as much love for the project or being here – I even for the first time ever had a ‘I don’t want to go to work today’ moment – so unlike me.

I have had some good clarity – trust in myself a bit more and not be so worried that things will not work out – it will be what it will be – I never think like that.

Honestly it wasn’t until I saw your email and I have then had a think and gone yes there has been some big changes in me this week – I feel lighter and not so consumed by worry.

I would love to understand more of the process…

AS SA Australia

Angela was kind enough to do a clearing on my home and also my business. Having the clearing done was simple on my end and Angela was very professional providing feedback after the clearing was complete and also follow up service to make sure everything was still holding and ok.

I felt that my house had a calmer feel about it and also I was sleeping better. I asked staff at my work place if they had noticed anything different and they felt that a negative energy in one particular room had been lifted we also made on of the biggest sales in our history the very next day.

Not long after the clearing a I had a life changing event that I had been working towards and conflicted about for a few years. I feel this clearing may have made space for this to take place and positive events have been happening ever since.

I am very grateful and highly recommend Angela’s service.

DB SA Australia

Good morning beautiful

I have felt a huge shift in the business, tradies are all coming together to renovate the first stage.

The old energy of the old owners has dissipated.

I have felt so much more clarity & more energy.

Tanya D SA Australia

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