Crystal Light Healing Bed

The Crystal Light Healing Bed is from the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania,  Brazil and is a profound healing system, that is suspended from a beam 7 quartz crystals that correspond to the 7 main chakras of our body.


The Crystal Bed Healing is an individual experience, with each person spending up to 60 minutes laying comfortably on a massage table, under the crystals to balance, energise and raise the frequency of our body system.

The Crystal Light Healing to open up and cleanse our energy centers, the chakras. I have been given approval to run this amazing healing system  in my clinic, when I was in Abadiania, Brazil, at the Casa de Dom Inacio.

For those of you who would like to take another step forward in life, no matter where you consider that you are in that evolution, the Crystal Light Bed Healing is a profound cleansing journey. Re-balancing on all levels of our being via our Chakra system –spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually.  This assists where there’s imbalance and  wanting more direction in life.

Inspired deeply by her trips to the Casa de Dom Inacio, Angela has humbly taken this work, in the capacity of the Casa Crystal Light Bed, into her healing practice which benefits profoundly, many lives. 


Angela is a member of the Crystal Light Bed Healing Network where pratitioners can feel supported in the knowledge of the practice therapy and committing to raise humanitites consciousness.


Today I was given a beautiful healing…the  Crystal light bed I felt lifted me
and my seven energy centres to another level.
I could feel each of my chakra points pulsate as it moved from the base
through to and out of my crown..
After I felt lighter and enhanced by the experience.
It was truly a peaceful and harmonious feeling and would be happy
to recommend it to all.  Thank you Angela J.W.

I found the Crystal Light Bed Treatment I had with Angela relaxing and I felt centered after. A.S.

I have experienced many types of treatment and energy balances previously but nothing compares with the tangible balancing effects of the Crystal Light bed treatment. I felt physical movement of energy through my body as well as calming emotional and mental sensations. The effects lingered for the next couple of days where I felt calm and balanced along with a greater sense of my inner self, purpose and sense of being. I will be making this a regular treatment! K.M.

I felt calm, enlightened, and my body floating. I’m feeling stronger in myself and my beliefs that I am deserving! Highly recommend, especially for those who are highly emotional beings. I felt supported by Angela as she listened and with gentle guidance!! D.Q.

After first healing, I felt as if I was reborn – revitalised and re-energised! JM

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