Spiritual Mentorship


Spiritual Mentorship


“Are you ready for guidance, intuitive insights,  then I am here for you, working with you to unfold what you are here to do in this life time. I encourage you to honor the abundance that life offers us all every day. I look forward to seeing you, as your next step in life is awaiting you now”. 

Angela works as an accomplished intuitive helping people from all walks of life.  If you would like guidance, she is here to assist you. She encourages you to honour the bounty that life offers us all every day.

All the work that Angela does is Psycho-Spiritual, the Transpersonal, that being a much bigger picture than we’ve been shown. This is about honouring who we are in this life time, awakening the gifts that we have come in with that in turn serves others. But first, as we begin to realise that there’s a much bigger picture going on in life, we search innately for ‘something’ outside of our self. However, it is more the journey of going within that we traverse that unfolds who we are. This begins to open us up to a life that is beyond the limitations of what main stream society imposes upon us. It’s not a right or wrong, good or bad thing, we just have the opportunity to develop ourselves in living an authentic and abundant life.

Angela is a medium and speaks with spirit, with those who have departed and now in a different frequency to us. Messages are shared as guidance and confirmation that nothing has been lost and that helps us in coming to peace with those who have left the earth plane. She looks forward to hearing from you, as your next step in life is encouraging you now.



Intuitive Expert – Angela was awarded Psychic of the Year Award for South Australia 2010, working within Australia and Internationally. She is a member of the Australian & International Psychics Association.








“Angela Kirby! I had three readings with you and your predictions were spot on! Three years in advance, you predicted I would have commissions for my art bigger than normal, and that I would travel with an art team overseas.. and many other things.. all of which have been true!”

Chelle Destefano

Angela’s guidance gave me the confidence and the strength to make any changes that were needed and to feel comfortable with where I am in my life. I found the guided meditation and healing after the reading a wonderful experience. And I certainly look forward to another visit when I next visit South Australia.


Elwyin QLD Australia

Angela’s sessions create an immense relaxation and being pregnant at the time I could feel my baby loving the experience. Her readings are exceptional, it gave me a greater understanding of the present. Her future predictions were uncannily accurate.
Teresa SA Australia

I have spoken to a handful of intuitive readers but I have never felt more comfortable and reassured whilst I was having this spiritual guidance with Angela. To the point, relaxing and with hilarity at varying stages I highly recommend this to all. Angela ensuring that I remain grounded throughout the session. Insightful is how I found this experience. Thank you very much
Kim SA Australia

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