Art Therapy


Who is it for?

    • For those who struggling in any area of their life and not sure where to turn
    • For those having difficulties with relationships
    • For managers & staff under pressure
    • For those who are stressed & overworked
    • Dealing with mental health problems
    • Existential crisis
    • For those who feel guided mentoring is the next step
    • For young people who have problems with personal problems at home or at school
    • For people who feel they are travelling along well in life but would like the opportunity to explore more deeply within themselves.

What skills do you need?

Absolutely none. Exploration with a variety of art & non art materials and guidance from me in exploring the issues in concern.

    • Have you been feeling sad or depressed?
    • Do you lack confidence in yourself?
    • Do you feel unhappy at work?
    • Are you having difficulties with relationships?
    • Are you feeling stressed?
    • Are you feeling lost and lonely in your life, and directionless?
    • Do you feel that there’s more to life, but not sure how to get it?
    • Are you dealing with loss or trauma?
    • Are you going through grief and loss?
    • Do you suspect you are being abused or been the victim of abuse?

You don’t have to do this alone, I can help you have a better quality of life. I offer guidance & a safe environment for you to share your concerns.

With 20 years experience as a Therapist and Counsellor Angela offers in her practice a safe place where you are free to open up your inner feelings and thoughts, whats troubling you. In life’s transitions it may feel quite unsettling and having guidance and a support system in place ensures a more stable existence to ensue.  This is a place where you wont be judged or under pressure, and all sessions are confidential.

Angela has regular supervision with the South Australian Professional Counselling Association.


I use various forms of relaxation as a part of the counselling, and are considered tools for the ongoing use of each of my clients.


I am a professional Art Therapist & Counsellor and I am experienced in working with people from all walks of life both individually and in workshops.


Art Therapy is a tool for everyone, including those who consider they have no artistic skills. Visual Art is a profession.

Watch a short clip of an art therapy workshop


Angela is now available for consultation via telephone or Skype within Australia and internationally. This way gives those who cannot visit her directly the opportunity of connecting from all corners of the earth. In the comfort of your own home or somewhere that is quiet and peaceful. You will have time to talk with her and relax as she will then lead you into a guided journey (meditation) enabling connection with your inner happiness in this life.

Take into consideration that Angela lives in Adelaide South Australia and will work between the hours of 10 am and 8pm Monday through to Friday with available times on Saturday until 4pm Central Standard Time.


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