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therapyspreadI have learnt several therapeutic models over the years. Although I can at times think there is a particular route to travel next for a client, when that person arrives it becomes obvious that what appears right now is what we work on. I have found that having several paths that I can walk down and draw from is of great value for my clients. At times it’s the Art Therapy I use alone and at other times it can be Thought Field Therapy or EFT, then Art Therapy or other models that I utilize in the moment.

I follow the clients emotive and somatic leads, observing, allaying any judgment from me, the process unfolds and resolves naturally.  It helps to unravel and be who we really are in this life, with chaos and trauma leaving the scene as the main theme is a major stepping stone to feeling like life is well worth living.

I am honored in working with a variety of people, from children through to adults and couples having difficulties in relationship. Whether its relationship with self, or others, crisis or mentorship to assist to the next stages of life, those who are drawn to the work I do benefit greatly in their journey. I am truly grateful for what I have learned and continue to learn and have a couple of wonderful teachers and guides who help me on that journey. All that I have learnt work synergistically together, its fantastic.

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