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The sessions that I offer gives you the opportunity to feel freedom in being able to express easily what’s been on your mind and what arrives during a session. It’s about the journey that brings what may not yet be obvious, to the surface, opening the potential of transformation in your everyday life. Leading to a sense of peace and calmness, a sense of being in the flow and on a supportive path, enabling freedom from any fears being held onto.

What clients explore in my sessions:

  • Assisting with dissolving the stories causing suffering
  • Understanding & releasing grief
  • Moving on from dysfunctional relationships
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Assisting in resolution of addictions

Clients have found with my sessions:

  • Greater inner peace
  • Feel more Joy and less pain
  • A sense of purpose and liberation
  • Able to embrace responsibility
  • Deeper connection with their inner ‘hero’ and path in life
  • Feel a sense of safety within an ever-changing world

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Art Therapy & Counselling, Australian Bush Flowers Therapy, Crystal Light Bed 30min, Crystal Light Bed 60min, Intuitive Coaching, Non-Medical Light Therapy Treatment, Raindrop Technique, Reiki & Therapeutic Touch, Thought Field Therapy, White Light Frequency & Divine Presence Essences