January Blog 2024
Happy January 2024. A new Year, it is indeed, and we are in for a fantastic year, deciding no matter what, that it is.
With a big smile on our face, trusting where we are is ok and considering any intentions we would like to put in place, yes?

Short term or long term or however your ‘ideas’ are appearing now, are always valuable. Even a dream that may seem impossible is a step, and in thought could be the seed that’s being planted. And flowing with the unfolding rather than being rigid, is working with the elements or the principles of the universe that are in and around us.

No matter your beliefs, you may consider it’s important to ask yourself what your current beliefs are! And who is in your life that may or may not be supportive or sympathetic to where you are or direction you are feeling that you are heading. Or where you are in relation to where they are.

Having our differences is ok, as we are individuals and are our own person. Being discerning as to our friend’s alignment with ourselves is up to you of course. And sometimes we have friends for a lifetime and others only for a short time. But ask yourself, ‘am I projecting my limitations onto the other?’ and what is your chatter about others?

And while it’s important to acknowledge what happened if things become difficult, is to honour any grieving that surfaces. Then it’s good to move right on along. Instead of getting caught up in toxic thinking or discussion around that person or situation. A conversation is ok but know when you’re obsessing over something that is now done and dusted. It’s gone as far as it can go and now it’s time to let it go. As stewing on things can keep us stuck in lower feeling frequencies.

Keep an open perspective on situations that occur, or you think may occur and staying out of the right and wrong game otherwise we can get caught up in the story. This also applies to situations where you may live or work or regular aspects to your life that you feel are changing.

I’ve listened to quite a lot of astrology to get the feel of the year ahead and then consider how that sits within my own feelings, ideas, and intentions. I find it fascinating personally and like to hear what the feel is for the year for us all as a collective. As well as have my own personal chart done as I have mentioned many times before. It’s not about what’s being done to us by the stars it’s working with what’s going on. We aren’t stuck in it, see it like a guidance system, and wear it like a loose garment, not taking things too seriously.

I listen to a few favourites and then get on with things. There’s the mainstream take on things and there’s a bigger picture that encompasses so much more. It’s always worthy to explore and research as we journey along in life, what we believed in even a year ago or even a day ago may not sit comfortably now, we are all evolving, and that’s ok. Our world is changing and leaning to flow with those changes will serve us well this year, even if initially it may feel uncomfortable. It also might be great!

One thing is for sure is to keep on the lighter side emotionally so as not to get caught up in drama. Thoughts that come into your head notice to keep them positive and uplifting. Let the fear and drama go.

If there’s nothing, you can do about a situation other than to wait, then it’s time to let it go instead of going around in circles. Choices, in thinking, regarding what’s really going on ask if it just a story going around in your head that has no foundational truth as in, is it real, it’s time to release.

Keep up daily- especially if things appear a bit tough in the outer world (Turn the news off)
– Grounding
– Bare feet on earth
– Tree hugging
– Positive affirmations
– Meditation can be candle gazing if you feel distracted, even for 5 minutes is great
– Time for you
– Writing/processing your feelings
– A sacred space where you create your quiet moments, write affirmations, read uplifting material, to meditate and set intentions in harmony.
-what suits you, is up to you to put in the effort.
Much kindness and gentleness for you
Love Angela