Clearing Mist Hydrosol 50ml


Personal use and for your surroundings.
Essence Essentials for your Body Mind and Soul

Angela Kirby



This exquisite Mist is a mood changer, life enhancer and ushers in the ‘safeguard’ for personal use and your surroundings.

Protection comes from the plant’s life force and assists to open your inner guidance.

Clarity and resilience are enhanced to continue on life’s journey or embark on new projects.

Giving confidence and surety offers moving forward with the situation at hand for those choosing to use this mist.

Any repetitive and trouble-some thoughts shift and open the doorway in feeling free and empowered.

The Clearing Mist shifts the energies in a room with one or two sprays from the bottle.

It clears the dark and dank energies that often loom when a room is left shut up with no uplifting airs shifting through.  Or from previous situations where there’s been intensity and toxicity in conversation where the shrill and the sharpness can still be felt.

Energies change utilizing the dynamic high frequencies that are the signature of this mist.

This Clearing Mist contains therapeutic grade essential oils, bush essences, blessed/holy water and the finest of spring waters. Each series is slightly different in construction, but with the usual team of oils and essences, while using my innate ability to hone into the currents of the seasons.

This guides the balance of each of the properties included to dance the beautiful liquids together for those who choose to have this tool in their arsenal of self-care.

Note – If you’ve chosen to purchase one now trust that it will be the right one, that’s why you are purchasing it.

Each bottle is treated with reverence and all are made by me with the intention of love and for the frequencies within to enhance, uplift and shapeshift what is ready to evolve.

They are made in the hours considered benevolent in nature and will work as an ally with you.

Enjoy and prepare to feel supported while negating dark energies that may be lurking but are now retreating.

This mist will respond to whatever way you choose to use it. So, I am offering this mist with love and confidence that you will be delighted.

The essential oils in this blend are Basil, Cypress, Frankincense, Juniper, Lavender, Myrrh, Sage, Palo Santo, Peppermint and Cedarwood. I may add an extra oil from time to time, depending on the guidance I receive.

Essential oils have been a part of my life since my teen years, where the journey of learning has been profound. Having been bought up on the land with loads of herbs, fruits, flowers, vegetables and native plants I learned to listen to the language of country. I am now offering these benefits to clients in the creation of this Clearing Mist.

Note – If you have chosen to purchase this hydrosol please skin test in a small area prior to using near or lightly using onto your skin.

  • This is not for consumption.
  • Please do not put near heat or in the direct sun.
  • Shipping- there are no returns on the items unless the bottle is broken in transit and it will be replaced.
  • Each bottle is 50ml and are $45 each plus shipping.

Once it leaves my hands it is yours and your responsibility, I relinquish my part trusting that you will love what you have gifted yourself or another.

Cleansing blessings
-Angela Kirby