June Blog 2024

Great June to you, winter is here. My kind of weather.

Pondering thoughts, What’s in a lesson of unexpected change? How do we react? Is there any logic to a reaction, as in, is any reaction that may occur coming from love or fear? There may not have been a reaction at all, but maybe pondered on now or at a later stage for recognising change did occur.

Exploring matters that have created change might initially appear difficult to navigate. Like being in a haze where nothing is clear. However, with consideration from looking at a given situation, whatever that maybe, there unfolds several ways in which to handle yourself and considered action. Or it may simply be no action at all simply move on and ask yourself what the possibility of being grateful is?

And changing any negative thinking that drops you into feeling awful is important to acknowledge and do something about. And so, asking yourself what can I do to move on from it?

It is a good thing to let difficult and intense feelings out in a ‘safe zone’ as we don’t want to get stuck in them, so it is important in being with conscious awareness. Sometimes simply looking around yourself naming what you see helps bring you back into right now and settle you down. I.e.: say out loud or to yourself – I see a tree, grass, letterbox and continue that on until you feel fully present. Breathe in and out deeply and then soft and gently. It might sound ridiculous to do but it works. Welcome to now!

There are many ways in which to change a tough moment it’s worth having a few noted to choose from your research. Swap things around as each situation is different and which tool’s to choose. I.e.: The Australian Bush Flower Essence are a must as well as homeopathy, grounding etc.
With so much information coming at us what’s important is to prioritise self-care in amongst daily living. Knowing to give yourself a break during your daily goings on.

I really love my walks and of course my yoga practice amongst other healthful and life-giving emotional support practices, as you know. The walk gets me out and about and into the day and able to see what nature is doing and members of the community. And the yoga is great on all levels, I’m so grateful I chose this journey.

I’ve been in Brompton for over a decade now and so there are several people that I might see along the way on my walks that I say gidday to. It’s great to say hello and especially giving a big smile automatically elicits a smile from the person being smiled to. It feels good and it’s nice to know someone I know is around even only at a superficial level. Like appreciating my friends dearly and family but at a deeper level.

Living at a deeper and fulfilling level, in whatever capacity that is for each of us individually, we find more simply, the answers we’re looking for from within, and have the patience in waiting for answers not yet ready to be revealed. As searching for answers only from external avenues can be frustrating with some leading to dead ends. Not that dead ends don’t have meaning in moving on from, but our inner depths teach us with profound guidance if we’re willing to listen. Along with patience and trust that there are always answers, especially in change.