Non-Medical Light Therapy


Light = Energy = Frequency = Vibration – Light

Do you Need a Professional Clearing®? What You Don’t See Could Be Affecting Your Life.



The Gold Treatment was founded by Althea Gray, a Healer based in New Mexico.  She comes from a long lineage of Healers from Nicaragua and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

The Gold Treatment is based on the idea that everything in the Universe has a light frequency that can be measured.  All diseases, states of consciousness, states of being have a LIGHT MEASUREMENT.  Everything in the ‘seen’ world and the ‘unseen’ world can be measured.

There are LIGHT MEASUREMENTS that sustain disease and support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual suffering. There are LIGHT MEASUREMENTS that call in darkness and oppress human evolution.

Conversely, there are LIGHT MEASUREMENTS that promote healing, good health and elevated states consciousness. Increased amounts of LIGHT improve our understanding of our immediate world and the world that we share with our human and non – human kind.  LlGHT brings us back to a flow of Divine energies that help us evolve as a specie.

To be ‘Enlightened’ is to be with LIGHT. Know that mankind evolves through LIGHT.

Gold Treatments, Although Non – Medical, can:

  • Improve your ability to respond positively to current therapies
  • Improve overall health and mental wellness
  • Improve your capacity to ‘heal’
  • Improve your ability to attract better circumstances in life
  • Improve your ability to understand and utilize higher states of consciousness
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve anxiety disorders
  • Increase intuition and ‘healing’ abilities
  • Deter dark forces that may be robbing you and your environment of LIGHT

Who and What Can Receive Gold Treatments:

  • Humans both young and old
  • Hospice Care individuals
  • Those who have died
  • Animals
  • Houses, Buildings, Hotel Rooms, Land
  • Essential Oils
  • Gem Stones/ Minerals
  • Objects: Paintings, Jewelry, etc.
  • Food, Water


Gold Treatments can be used in conjunction with other therapies.

Disclaimer:  Gold Treatments are a non-medical LIGHT therapy. It does not replace or substitute for your current therapies, doctors, or therapists. The Gold Treatment is not a cure nor does it imply a cure. The practitioner of the Gold Treatment is held harmless based on this disclaimer. The practitioner can refuse to give a Gold Treatment at any time based on their own wisdom to do so.

My intention, of this profound treatment, is increasing the Light in this world to those who seek health and wellness on all levels of their body, mind and soul.

Raising our levels of Light offers more awareness intuitively, gives a sense of peace and improves prosperity and life all round.

This can also be done for you as ‘Distant Healing’ for yourself or for your home or business, nationally & Internationally.