Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching provides guidance in your life and includes a full clairvoyant reading.

Intuitive Coaching is for those who feel they want the opportunity to work with me to take their lives to a new level of health, success and prosperity. I will use all of my skills to create a personalised programme for you.

There are two plans available:
Plan 1 – Step Up for those who have been working for a while and are ready to level up and work intensively.
Plan 2 – Getting Started is for those new to this work and would like to start at a little slower pace.

Plan 1 – Step Up

For those of you ready to step up and embrace the next steps awaiting you in life.

Being clear with your intentions is paramount in moving forward. With guidance and integrity in embracing fully your life Angela offers one-hour Intuitive Coaching Sessions. At this stage you have experienced understanding that it is paramount to self-empowerment, enthusiasm and motivation. You are open to living life on life’s terms trusting that you able to manifest and be living the life you love to live.

These sessions are $150 and go for 90 minutes. There is also the option of choosing a single modality that I offer under ‘Services’.

Plan 2 – Getting Started

For those was wanting assistance along with healing I offer an Intuitive Reading and a Crystal Light healing bed. These sessions will assist you in where you currently are with steps for a healing plan should you choose this.

These sessions are $150 and go for 90 minutes

Crystal Light Bed Healing – This requires you to be on location.

You choose to OPT OUT of the Crystal Light Bed

90 minute Session – $150

“Studied at Colette Baron-Reid’s Oracle School, completed Personal Mastery and Shared Wisdom and received the honor of certified Oracle Guide”

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