November Blog 2023

Hi to you for November, almost to the close of this year!

Adventures, out of my daily routine and out into the wilds of the world, as in other than what I’m used to doing, living here in Brompton, I love to do. 

I’ve recently ventured up north for work and the friend and colleague I usually travel with have looked forward to this trip for quite some time. And it was fantastic, big skies, big landscapes, and great company. The sharing of stories, sharing of space to live for the few days away and cooking meals together was good fun. We laughed as we do a lot.

We’ve certainly got it sorted with what we need and take and off we go. And as it’s a trip where we help others, we need time to look after ourselves, so we find time to relax, go for walks, eat, and sleep well. We do several trips a year some only a couple of hours away others 7 or more hours away. 

One of the days very early I was compelled to draw the curtain over and relax in bed for a while longer and was thrilled to witness Venus in the sky. It was beautiful watching over the waters and into the sky, it felt special in this dreamy time of the day. ” 

Venus does 9 months in the evening skies and 3 months in the early part of the day and so I was lucky enough to be placed in a position where I was witness to this moment. With a few clouds around it was quite thought provoking. As living in the built upness of the city, I usually only see Venus in the early evening skies.

Being in nature, having great times with friends and family makes for a happier existence, and even if you’re solo, a lot of the time. As long as you’re aware of your mind chatter being in the uplifting and more neutral state then you’re going to feel that you are loved and supported in your life. And so that’s you, that’s doing that, bringing it about.

Having a spiritual practice is honouring self and thus we will travel with a deeper understanding of life. We also tend not to take things so personally when we’ve done our inner emotional work and can see that any retort projected onto us is more about the other person or situation as we can see things more clearly. And thus, can stay out of the blame or judgement game and be with compassion and understanding.

We have all chosen our own paths and so it is up to each of us to attend to ourselves to ensure we are healthy on all levels of our being. Through our own reaching out, seeking, researching, and endeavouring to live a fulfilling life, we do. Any issues that arise are a part of life as are the great times, it’s how we handle them. If you require guidance, you reach out and ask for it, and as always meditate. 

It’s a stunning day, so I’m off for a walk then come home and do some drawing of my 70th Mandala. It’s been a very long journey that’s for sure, that began in 2007. A very important tool in the healing, living, loving and journeying of life. That I love to share with us all.

Have a fantastic month everyone. 

Much kindness and gentleness for you 

Love Angela

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Much kindness and gentleness for you 

Love Angela