September Blog 2023

A big colourful spring for us all. We’ve been seeing the evidence here in the southern hemisphere of the changes of the seasons for a while now. The beautiful budding on the trees and bulbs etc followed with flowering that’s now in full swing. The cycles of the seasons are powerful and in the northern hemisphere the dying off has begun as entering in the winter months is calling.

What is one thing, (of many you would consciously think about) that you will do for yourself this month that is about loving you and treating yourself with kindness and a break from whatever it is that you do to freshen up? What is the ‘Sparkle up’, the ‘trust in life’ that you can be in? Despite what you may hear that’s going on around you, we have the choice to keep our frequencies of feeling and thought high.

The changes taking place as we grow from one stage to the next is a part of being alive of which is profound. There are so many stages on our journey and much depends on the family we have chosen to be born into, for the lessons in this life to move through. The belief patterns from family and community that are ensconced in us all are the influence that creates this world we live in. Let’s embrace with love, not fear.

With some respite being offered and felt in knowing that we all go through emotional upheavals, in that, comfort is there for us to assuage the situations occurring if it is currently uncomfortable. We are here to learn and to go through what’s to be felt and experienced as an individual on our life path. How we handle that is up to us individually. What is working for you and what isn’t, it is helpful in becoming clear.

We are all being taught the many roads of life, as for us, to then be the teachers, ourselves for others. The lessons in whatever capacity are for each of us to move through and over time we can be more the observer, while there may still be the reactionary aspect acting out, we can become good at seeing the situations for what they are. Even in the fairness or unfairness showing up. It isn’t about the others as they have their own lessons to learn, it’s ‘what did I learn, what can I do about it, how can I look after myself going through whatever it is?’

Life is fascinating and it’s of course beneficial to make a shift from feeling bogged down to uplifting oneself. It is a job, and a great job at that, so that you learn more about how you operate in your every day and what you are grateful for that has you where you are if you feel it’s a good place.

If you feel you are in a difficult phase there are several possibilities to call in. Of which I mention regularly, meditation, grounding, good healthy living, journaling. The writing is beneficial if there is something bothering us, write it down, get clear about it and as you write you release and then it is now in place to shift and change as you see things for what they are. It can be a very humbling experience. As staying in the story in our minds just keep us on the hamster wheel, which doesn’t feel good.

Loving ourselves, being gentle and know that we’ve got this far and so we call on our inner wisdom and whatever healing practices that you feel suit you. Everyone’s journey is different, it’s honouring that. Listen to you.

Whichever place in the world that you are, maybe this spring or fall you usher in new opportunity in possibilities to flourish in ways that you are wanting to call in. In shedding beliefs that no longer resonate to be spoken or felt, allows the greatness that you seek to honour and be you. As you align with the feelings of love, trust and gratitude, life offers in the synchronicities and that follows the best being doors open for you.

Enjoy being loving to you daily, of which you benefit on so many levels and then for others. Watch the shifts of grace enter your life.

Angela is offering to you a spring boost of freshness in health and wellness. 

Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Technique is a powerful modality which can be performed on both people and animals. Its origins come from Ancient Tibetan, Ancient Egyptian and American Indian bodywork techniques, combined with the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils and massage. Raindrop technique uses Vita-flex, the ancient Tibetan version of foot reflexology. This is performed along the spinal reflex of the feet, in combination with various essential oils. This exotic combination makes for a sensational experience, both giving and receiving, which promotes profound relaxation and balance.

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I have been working with these Amazing Therapeutic Grade Essential oils by Young Living since 2009. And aside of my own personal use and for my clients I was fascinated by this treatment, I felt drawn to it! And for the cleansing and healing benefits I now know why I have incorporated it into my practice as Therapist & Counsellor! If you are wanting a ‘pick me up’, to feel aligned on all levels then you may want to consider this.

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Much kindness and gentleness for you
Love Angela

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– For those of you who are local to me that I am offering consultations over Skype etc. or telephone, and I can post to you the Australian Bush Flower Essences, White Light Frequency Essences, Light Frequency Essences and Divine Prescence Essences.
-Not forgetting My book, that is a life living transformative guide. It has gentle therapeutic processes in it, along with meditations and that are also on my web site. The perfect thing to be doing now, it is very supportive. It has my black and white mandalas for you to colour for calming along with my 54 mandalas that are an oracle, so you can choose one daily for guidance.
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