I trust that you are travelling well? We’ve made it this far, as we have driven through 2020 with so many things unfolding before us.

Wading through what I would consider madness has certainly made watching mainstream TV a thing of the past for me. I have a couple of box sets and a handful of movies and docos if I feel the urge to watch but basically, I’m a what’s termed a ‘You Tuber’.

I have found some amazing channels over the past few years that I feel provide great intellectual stimulation, where I am learning, and can discern what’s of value and what’s not. I watch a wide variety that are a good cross section of what interests me. What interests you?

In the mean-time it’s also been a great year of clarity and guidance with my art. Where the creative has driven a lot of inspiration that was ready to surface, not only for me personally but on the higher levels collectively.

I feel that the creative is so helpful in comforting and assisting in becoming clear, as to the present moment in time, and be ok with where I am. We can’t be in the future and the past is done, so here we are ‘right now’! You’ve heard this before, and so what does that mean for you?

The work that I do comes from tuning into and listening to the higher realms from which I record and can be termed ‘Light Language’. That in turn becomes an oracle.

This is something that I have done and have been inspired by since I was very young, it is my life path. And it’s taken a lot to walk through to trust it fully, the answer can have only came from me.

We all have the ability of moving into the higher states of consciousness where fear does not reside. Where inspiration comes easily and authentically in whatever capacity it needs to for you. It feels good, it is liberating and aids healing where required.

                                                                                           Full Moon in Aries
A good way to settle any of the head banter, is to look around you literally and name out loud, if you can, what you are seeing and feeling. Right now, for me for example I would say, “fence, window, birds, trees, ticking clock, sound of the diffuser weeds, dirt, flowers, carpet, bench etc…feeling calm, noticing my breakfast in my belly” and the list goes on.

Really look at the leaves on the trees if that’s in your vision or listen to the birds, what is it, that is in your environment? What do you notice after you do this?

You might consider to place a hand on your heart and lift you head up comfortably so your ears are over your shoulders so that you neck is not jamming by slouching and jutting your chin out and forward. Then breathing in deeply and breathing out with your feet on the ground. I breath in to the count of 4, hold to the count of 8, breath out to the count of 4 and hold to the count of 4 and repeat 8 times.

Great for relaxing the harried mind. I’ve mentioned these things in the past but it is a good reminder in assisting to shift out of fear that will create anxiety in our mind.

Any difficult feelings that are surfacing it is important to feel them, they will shift, it’s learning to trust that. Your body is signalling to you, what is it telling you?

If you are feeling sad or aggravated and you feel yourself reacting what do you do?

If there is a huge reaction then there’s inner work to be done. The ego mind thinks it’s ok but when something happens your reaction is the give-away as to where you are at.

The more inner work that you do on a regular basis the more you can process easily situations that can be difficult. Knowing and trusting life is a big part of what we are here to learn and that is a huge topic.

There are so many ways we avoid our feelings, learning to acknowledge them is to build your inner well of trust, love and honour for yourself. When you feel good congratulate yourself, when you feel this majority of the time well done! You’ve been doing inner work and it’s showing, so continue to.

If emotions surface with tears, cry them, your body wants to release, there is no need to hang on. The tears will cease, remembering tears are a gift of our body to shed. And the same with laughter have fun.

NOTE – A space has become available for my up and coming workshop this coming Sunday. It is a small workshop which is perfect to create a safe and cosy environment in which to do the creative journey work that we are embarking on. If you are interested I can send you the information. It was in the last email that I sent out.

Being what is termed an Artist is not required with this workshop, this work is using art material but anyone can do this. It is soul work.

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