Body Mind Psychic Adelaide Show Ground

From authenticity, integrity and honour, I help to draw forth for you your life’s journey. Where are you heading, what is your path? I will answer your questions and spiritual guidance given from insight and pure love.


I have been gifted this lifetime with clairvoyant & intuitive knowledge to use in service for you.

If you are willing to seek the next step into your own power and really live your life fully, abundantly and with great passion then reach and ask me. I will be there for you to engender your transitions with pleasure and look forward to assisting you.

Angela Kirby works has worked as a professional Tarot and Angel card Reader over the past ten years and since a young girl been intuitively and clairvoyantly guided in her life’s path to help others.

Inclusive of the work that she does is a Professional Transpersonal Art Therapist & Counsellor,

Visual Artist & integrative psychotherapies

If you have any questions that you would like answered or other guidance it would

be a pleasure to assist you,

Angela is a Young Living Distributor and welcomes any questions in relation to the Pure Essential Oils and Nutrition that Young Living offer her member number is #1058300

And she offers the Raindrop & VitaFlex Technique as a part of her private practice, utilising Young Living Essential Oils.

Angela who was voted 2010 Psychic Of The Year
by the ACA Australian Psychic Association (www.newagesupastore.com/apa/apa.pp)


mb: 0417850748