February Blog 2023
Greetings to you as we settle in to February. The season, the past few days, was cool with gusty winds and rain, great for the garden and crops and filling the tanks and water catchments etc. Some of us love the heat, the big warmth of summer and big sun and others of us love the winter season, the cooler months. There’ll be more warmth on its way before the summer is done though.

Living in the city it doesn’t seem to be as concerning as in when you’re on the land knowing what the weather is going to be is paramount to betterment of the animals and plants on the property or farm and what goes with that. What happens in the weather is a big thing in the country. In the city it’s easy to take it for granted. That is a sweeping statement but worth a thought.

Anyway, life rolls on and each day rolls into the next and I wonder what your considerations are for the next wee while as far as health and well-being goes.
I must say that doing the daily offerings to my health in all areas of self pays off. And knowing, being conscious of, when I am in any hardship of negative thinking, as some wild story from past times or concern about future that engages in really difficult feelings. I pull that up asap. I’m curious about it and simply ask myself is this of any value, is there any truth here or ability to sort out now then I release and assuage the part of me that engaged in any fear.


It can take time to understand and change the way we think of happenings in our day and the way we express in words what’s going on. As in, is what we are saying and expressing life giving or life taking, gossiping or spoken in love and care for self, another or others? If we are expressing our thoughts and feelings, are they truly our thoughts or are they the influence of what others say, for example our family? If it’s uplifting then that’s a plus if it isn’t and changes the energetics of a conversation if you’re in one or your thoughts change your feelings for the worse then being conscious of thinking or saying the opposite.

If you see a beautiful sunset, great clouds in the sky, a beautiful day or evening do you spend time even a few minutes relishing the amazing beauty you are witness to, can you feel as if you have been gifted something that makes you feel really good and grateful to have witnessed it? Are you noticing the magic that surrounds us every day? It’s certainly something to be grateful for. As with the rain that pours down, nourishing the earth.

What is the magic in your day? Waking up, how do you greet your day? How do you feel when you make your breakfast and have a warm shower? Or are you up and rushing around and getting cranky with anything that may get in your way?

When we observe and become conscious of our behaviours we get to understand ourselves more and own our shadow that is unleashed from time to time. That is why doing the daily inner work is paramount to assisting us to bring about health filled change. You will find you just simply don’t want to or more that you don’t react like you have in the past. Owning our stuff is a big one and doing something about it is also.

I can certainly recommend and vouch for, through my own on-going inner work that it is so valuable to navigate life.

What is it that you feel drawn to, that you feel assists you, on your healing journey and fills your heart with love and compassion? It is a big topic and so doing simple meditation daily and watching the synchronicities and following them when you feel guided are the universal doors opening with answers. We have lessons good and bad, but the more conscious we become we tend to steer clear of the writing on the wall. And one can be grateful for what might be perceived as hardship.

If you have any questions regarding my blog or the work you can contact me via email: frizzkirby@bigpond.com or mb: 0417 850 748

If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to assist you with that query.
Lots of love