July Blog 2022

Hi to July and that this, is indeed, a great month for us all!

I trust that you are travelling fine in our world and that the lessons currently being on the table are serving us all well! While there are some big things happening globally and locally it is important to remember community and your contribution as we navigate uncharted waters and that We got this ok!

The Spiritual tools that I use through these times….good question as there are many. It is certainly a personal journey awakening within the aspect of us, that is sacred, and that completely trusts the path in life ahead, and can there for, be fully in the ‘now moment of time’. This is honouring our soul and life’s journey.

Now, how you interpret what I say is entirely up to you and your back ground and that’s ok of course. Doing your own research is a part of our life path in being in your own truth, which does change each day!

Getting past right or wrong or good and bad, and into acceptance of ‘it is’, and another lesson or passage of time to pass through, is a big ask in some happenings.

We can spend our entire lives being a victim. Getting through what we have come here to learn can be deeply profound, and it can be really difficult. There so many variables as to each of the situations we traverse, as to the choice in moving forward, can be huge. From where we are living, and whom with or solo, the food we eat, the friends we have or don’t have to the family systems we were bought up in.

Getting past comparing ourselves with others is momentous. As it keeps us hooked into the victim story line and our situation being held onto because we look at another as being better than, or deem another as being in a better situation. Or it can well be that one thinks they are in the opposite of that and self-righteousness steps in. A lot of the time we just can’t see our patterns and how we keep our stories going that keep us stuck!

We are complex and managing our ego and the thoughts that travel through us all each day is a job to manage and get through in a detached manner if possible. A lot of our thinking comes from the collective and isn’t even ours, learning that is a lesson.

And now in these evolving times our thoughts and feelings are best serving us coming from a perspective of peace, calm and we got this no matter what’s appearing in the outer world. It’s our inner world that helps us navigate onto a path where we feel loved and supported no matter what we have or don’t!

There are so many variables, and as mentioned in the previous blog, the effects of the astrological system are indeed something that I find really interesting and I feel of value to research, especially now. A bit like checking the weather, do I take a jacket or not type of thing?

Along with the emotional work that is a part of being human and necessary to function in our daily lives is having someone who is as a naturopath or homeopath or the like. To check in with from time to time with your health to see how you are travelling. I thought I would mention one of the people I have seen over a period of a few years and then he retired but now I am very happy to say he is coming back. And that gentleman is Don Bartram with his new private practice down south.

He had been asked by a number of us natural therapy practitioners to return to his work to handle the very complex covid vaccination and long covid patient issues that are now showing up in ever increasing numbers in our clinics.

He has re-registered as a natural therapy practitioner and will begin practicing at the Christies Beach Chiropractic Clinic, at 80 Beach Road, from July 6th 2022 – 83843022.

If you have any questions please ask me and I will do my best to assist you with that query.
Lots of love
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