September Blog 2021

Happy Spring to us all who live on this side of the planet and Happy Fall to those of you on the other side, as we have officially stepped into the change of seasons. I’ve been loving the freesias that sprout up all over the place around my home, prolific with divine colours and I adore the scent. I noticed yesterday a couple of white irises have also appeared. The violets that have been popping their heads up throughout winter are thinning but still around, I adore them and have loved picking them and having them in small vases with their exquisite flowers and divine shaped leaves, throughout my home.

This is the sort of delight that I look to that keeps me in the ‘right here now’. There is the occasion to dip into memories of my mother’s beautiful garden that I grew up with around me as a child. It’s bliss to feel the beauty and I draw upon it for strength like I do on my walks and up in amongst the trees.

Right now, is the only time we have, with the past done and this evening or tomorrow not yet here. Our diving into the future is ingrained and for plenty of good reasons, like the seasons with planting of seeds and tending weeds.

This morning I swapped the two-tiered level worm farm over as it was choca’ block full to the brim of food scraps. The underneath had well and truly reduced itself to mulch and so I turned that into the earth where I am about to plant more seeds. And then put the top layer of scraps on the bottom to allow the reduction it needs to do, that I’ll use down the track, with the emptied aspect I placed on top to start the scrap cycle again.
I consulted my astrological planting guide for the time of which best to plant and let the soil settle over the next few days until that time arrives.

Future pondering and intending to live well we obtain intelligence through our studies, our food, our health filled ways of living, and by saving money and investing in whatever aspect one does….life happens and nothing really is guaranteed and yet we ‘insure’ everything just in case!

At times we can become un-moored by over thinking and that life is falling apart from our projecting concerns into the future. And while that may well happen there needs to be a check in with yourself as to whether or not what you are thinking is of value or is it disturbing you? We are the ones who to check in with ourselves regarding this, it takes discipline to shift the negative thinking.

Being with our feelings and not pushing them away is the way of listening to our self and to know what, if anything, is the next step to take. This is what might be phrased as a ‘coming home to you’. It can take a lot of frustration of looking to others for the answer only to come away with even more variations of answers and frustration as right now none make any sense.

It is a Great time to be excited so that you can centre yourself and go within and relax and over time the answers will arrive and always at the right time. It takes time to learn to trust in ourselves in relation to what we have been bought up to believe, there’s an art to discerning the navigation of our internal systems.

Much love and blessings as we navigate, these times.
Take great care and call on your inner strength and trust that you know what’s best for you.

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The work that I offer is laid out on my website that has been recently updated by my great web person Matt from Tonal Range. I’m happy to share those details if anyone was looking for a very experienced web person just ask me.

Much kindness and gentleness for you
Any questions please reply
Love Angela

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