December Blog 2020

We are nearly at the end of this momentous year, and almost into the ‘officials’ of the Age of Aquarius. Information, communication, networks, technology all of which we have been stepping up into over the last decade or so as we go from a water sign to an air sign.

From the ‘I believe’ to the ‘I know’.

It was something I grew up hearing about in the 60’s and 70’s, in what was called the Dawning of the age of Aquarius. I was looking forward to this time, which was, back then, eons away! I would be in my late 50’s when it occurred, that would be now! And there is certainly much to research if you are interested.

We are leaving, from what I understand as, around 2.6 thousand years of the Piscean age. Each age runs about that length of time. That which was considered patriarchal in nature and into the age of Aquarius, but there are discussions around the accuracy of when it starts or started. It was also considered that 11/11/2011 was a poignant date, regarding this age.

The pinnacle of ushering in this new age is on the 21st of December and is considered the Great or Grand Conjunction. The Jupiter Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees in Aquarius that promises to usher in a lot of light & collective harmony begins to enter after what’s been a tough year with planets doing dances that haven’t been seen dancing for a very long time. It is fascinating and I follow several astrologers that I find are really interesting and have found it comforting as we navigate these roads together.

Here is a link with some info if you are interested in what is happening up in Uluru. I was wanting to head up there but I remember just how hot it can be that time of the year as I have lived in the Northern Territory a couple of times many years ago. But out of respect for the indigenous people who have their ceremony I feel it is best to do my/our own thing of grounding myself and relaxing here where I am with a couple of friends. https://www.cosmicconsciousness.com.au/post/the-great-celestial-events-of-2020

Whatever your thoughts are about this year we all went through the affects as a collective and will continue to as things unfold into a new era. A big hug for us all.

In the mean time being fully connected to our heart centre, to be fully in sync is the ideal for our physical, mental and spiritual health. These times are bringing many of our traumas to the surface, either being triggered by outside circumstances or through feelings being triggered from the intensity of the energies flying around universally.

When our ego takes a back seat and we are out of the loud annoying noise that it can bring to fully distract us, we have the opportunity to be in our heart centre. The feeling is of peace and being able to be right in the now moment. We are not worried about the future and the past is of little concern.

It is important to do the inner emotional work, it is a part of life’s journey so we can navigate and trust our way, being able to manage the ups and downs and to be who we are to be in this incarnation.

Today’s main stream has mostly ignored the inner emotional world, although that ship is turning somewhat around, deeming the material as the way to be. That we are a success through what we achieve materially. While that has its merits without a stable inner world we become unmoored and miserable.

This is a big task to talk about of which I’m not prepared to go into here other than to say the more inner work you do the more stable you feel in life regardless. Everything passes.

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