November Blog 2020

I was feeling the need to go for a walk with a change of scenery, as to the usual daily walk. It was just a matter of when as I gave myself a day off work and thought ‘ok I will head up into the hills and find a spot to explore’. You know, walk among the trees, the bush, see the views over Adelaide possibly and the many natural jewels that a forest presents. And the weather was cool enough that day to lessen the any coming across of snakes.

As I was deciding I was scanning, in my mind’s eye, particular areas and while that was pleasant enough, I wasn’t feeling the pull fully. That concerned me somewhat but figured something would be divinely alluring at some stage and then I would head off!

The moment I swapped the scene to the beach I felt awash with calm and it was a definite ‘yes, I am heading to the beach’. Specifically Semaphore way as the energy between there and Grange and further down I love.

The negative ions are particularly abundant at the beach, that neutralize free radicals and enhance immune functiom.

It was such an obvious yes. The sand, the sky and the ocean were in divine as per usual order. I wasn’t let down….you know the get out of the car, shoes off and journey down into the waters and walk. The clouds were long scattered whispy shapes, loosly spread across the sky. From shapes that looked symbolic to bold marks of strength and changing by the second.

It wasn’t a walk that I wanted to be with anyone, it was one of ‘alone’, being with self to allow silence of mind, and without listening to a you tube channel. A welcome break to feel into the presence of the right here and now.

How good is it that we have such a great choice here in Adelaide, Hills or beach and the parks around city and suburbs and all within a short distance to get to.

The veil between worlds is considered ‘thin’ around Halloween or Samhain as it was originally known, then all Souls Day the day following.

You can do research on that if you choose.

So, I decided with a friend to do a ritual of respect and honour for our parents, that have passed over, late in the day. It was very special, then we went on a walk after as the sun was setting then settled in for the night to share a meal and watch Merlin.

I have a photo of my mother and father in the sitting room, and now I’m actually older than they are in these pics. Them in their 20’s and ‘dating’ before marriage! Strange as they were always older than me, effectively they still are but here they are considerably younger than me now in those pics.

I would consider this an alter for the remembrance of them and I always have fresh flowers there along with a candle that I light each night out of respect along with some other bits and pieces and wonder what their thoughts would be on the world today?

My mother would’ve loved the super foods that are available today and that yoga is now well known along with me having been practicing diligently for over 2 decades, after her trying for ages to get me to practice it back in the 70’s. And oh, I am so grateful for it.

And Dad would’ve loved the opportunity to live chat over the phone to speak from the paddocks or shearing shed or other and show proudly the latest happenings on the property where I grew up. I miss that home.

I still sprout mung beans (or alpha or lentils) that Mum taught me and used to make for a local hotel of all places back in the 70’s! She’d use Big jars that she would pour the seed into then cover with water to sit in darkness overnight. The next day rinse and angle the jar to drain residual water and put back into a dark cupboard to sprout. Rinsing twice daily until they were ready and drive them into town to the pub weekly. They were a hit. She wasn’t a pub type person so it was interesting that she chose to sell them there.

She was a person who was into growing our food, being healthy and was creative in many areas that I won’t go into here.

I remember describing the sprouts to a couple of friends at a dinner party, as they asked me what they looked like and after scrambling around with something like ‘they are really small, oval and white with a tail’, I then added further that they looked a bit like sperm…well you could’ve heard a pin drop after that comment, the conversation stopped…and where we would all usually continue with a joke the room was deadly silent….I wished I’d never mentioned them. I felt great embarrassment, I remember that for sure and surprised that the usual hilarity had all but fallen away. They couldn’t comprehend what I was saying. Sprouts weren’t in fashion then that’s for sure.

Anyway, in my 20’s I decided to grow them myself (carry on the tradition so to speak!!! J) and found a place to sell them, the local supermarket, when I was living up in the Northern Territory. Great pocket money. It was a about a 3 to 4 day turn around. I enjoyed the process and I love eating them as did others. Either in a salad or in a sandwich, the crunch is satisfying and the flavour nutty but subtle and adds to the other ingredients. I am loving the vegan cheeses that are available so I sometimes add that into a sandwich and I have this thing for pure black sesame seed paste that is included (black tahini). So good, so healthy and so yummy.

I go through stages of growing them, I feel called to do it from time to time, my body craves them. They are nutritious and take no time at all to grow….fresh every few days and store them in the fridge ready to eat. I have spoken of them previously in other blogs, but I’m sharing as I’m again growing them regularly.

I also have seeds I planted in the garden growing, some squash and tomatoes along with some other things and heaps of parsley that keeps seeding itself. Make for some great veggie pies and salads down the track.

This is a reasonably light and breezy conversation to keep things simple and a read to inspire some thoughts and action around your physical health. I’d love to hear your story about growing veggies or mung beans or any ritual that you might do regularly out of respect to those who have passed dear to you.

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