June Blog 2017
What does your gut instinct tell you? If it doesn’t feel good then there’s possibly a good chance that No is the answer. Unless it’s because you are isolating or letting life go by and are stuck, first you need to understand that you actually are stuck!  And if it feels great and provided it isn’t an addictive reaction, and that’s a look within to be honest with yourself, then the answer to your question is possibly yes. Learning to trust what your inner world is sharing with you is exactly that, learning!
For example, what is your body telling you when you are with people in conversation, or even not in conversation, what are you feeling, what are you noticing?
I always find that my senses are telling me that a particular situation isn’t going to serve me well. I get agitated and find being around that can upset my constitution in several ways. I find, so that my muscles don’t tighten up that I can travel within myself and breathe deeply and imagine plugging into the earth does calm me and keeps me feeling centered, knowing this situation will soon cease. Reacting or lashing out only adds to any bodily restricting and unless then, the situation can be handled well, so that all parties are in good understanding that there’s no point on continuing, or possibly further discussion is for another day.

We are here to learn and not just within institutions but outside of that we are in the University of life, some lessons take a while to learn and others we get straight away. But we don’t know what we don’t know. And we can’t assume that just because we know something that someone else does and make judgement about their choices. Best to make sure our own back yards are clean and organized!
Being with friends and family or meditating or doing yoga or walking or whatever it is where it feels good shows us that we feel safe and that we can be our self. Being aware of our thoughts as they can also have a big reaction on our bodies, so, observing that which doesn’t serve us by not taking it on. Breathe deeply, straighten your body up, drop your shoulder blades down and watch whatever is going within you change.
If you have any questions or feedback I would love to hear from you, please send me a reply.
Lots of big love for us all