May Blog 2017
I wonder if you took a running commentary of the amount of times that you put yourself down in a day and thinking in a negative way, to what the extent of it is, how often it happened?
Maybe over time you have learnt to let a lot of that go as you’ve grown and possibly having done some personal journey work as that will help. Maybe nervous reactions have pretty much stopped and you are comfortable with yourself warts and all, that’s fantastic! Keep the great work up, we are here to learn, to let go of what’s not working and to love our self. Buttons do get pushed and sometimes we can find ourselves deeply triggered and that’s a sure sign of how far you’ve come and that you can self-correct within a short time.
Whether it be in your head or out loud a put down that’s full of the not good enough’s, life is tough and never works out etc.
I, as we all have, been guilty of this, and go through stages where I have to pull right back, stop and ask myself what’s really going on? And every now and then it can get very loud that it almost feels that others can hear it!
There could be many things happening that my mind is diving into, the collective conscience, grabbing onto the negative aspects, old toxic programs lurking and have stepped in and running riot. So, what’s going on?
Maybe I’m tired, maybe I’ve been unfaithful to myself in not putting in boundaries well enough to give me enough time out or let others roughshod it over me. Maybe I’ve been indoors too long and its way time, to get out in nature, ground myself and feel the freshness of life once again!

Mandala 31.Shane Blumson
There is a myriad of reasons why it’s time to make some changes.
Whether it’s a natural reaction, or a way of being polite and putting yourself down in front of others to either make yourself small for the sake of another. Or be the butt of a joke to
continue to put yourself down can over time become a big habit and a way of thinking and believing. That accepting compliments and loving remarks feel so foreign you feel that the person gifting them to you is either lying or you look around to see who they are saying them to, as you think it couldn’t possibly be you!
Becoming conscious of what we are saying as we talk to others, or the time we spend alone and it consists mostly of put downs and life is not on my side is a sure sign that your inner world is asking you to step up and begin to make a different lifestyle for yourself. That can be simply changing the way you speak, and take it easy as it can take a while to feel confident with ‘feel good speak’ when you are used to thinking ‘toxically’ as a way of life. To changing who you have around you and asking for help rather than staying stuck in it and blaming others. That can take a while to shift, but over time it does and you can feel great the majority of time rather than small glimpses of. This is the university of life and getting real and being honest with ourselves is one of the first lessons. Remember what we see in another we are often seeing a reflection of ourselves or affectively we are avoiding ourselves by projecting our frustrations onto another.
One thing that I do if the negative thinking is carrying on I repeat the word ‘Love’, and continue that until things change along with the breath, in and out slowly. That’s a simple diffusing technique in situ’ if it’s particularly loud in my mind! Otherwise our entire body feels overtaken with ‘feeling’ awful. It might sound crazy to do that but try it and keep repeating it and breathing in and out slowly and feel the change step in.
The great thing is we are here to learn from our ways of being and change as we learn and grow, and that’s gotta be a good thing. So, what steps are you going to take if you feel that your thinking is stinking a lot of the time?
I can also assist you with this through several techniques initially and then you can manage it yourself if you feel you could do with a hand. Plus, working with the vibrational medicines that I do defiantly play a big part in guiding you on course with your life.
A lot of love and Compassion for us all