January Blog 2016

A very happy and contagiously exciting year this will be for us all, well, that’s if we choose so, as we meander through our days!

And also for the shifting of that and those which no longer serve us or us to serve them in whatever capacity!! There’s no defamatory or insulting meant there, only that this year being an overall number 9 is about endings and the end of another decade…..2016……2 +1 +6 =9…..and for your personal year number you add in your day and month of birth to the this year 2016 and reduce to a single digit….moving on from others doesn’t have to be about an argument or the like it can be just time to move on and still have great passion for the other. For example you or the other may change locale.

If you aren’t into that then there’s no issue it’s just a matter of interest. But its great to dip into many aspects of life’s learning, to assist in unfurling yourself, to be truly you, that helps in understanding or going along with the unpredictable nature that ensues on a daily basis. We think we can control, which can be divisive and in some ways yes we can be that way. However in the bigger picture there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes that pulls the strings. I guess we can call ‘things coming back to us’ good and bad are what can be termed karma, but which ever way it is what we give out will at some stage come back to us. Give more of what you want, if you want love give love and or if you want money give money. Don’t judge how much, something is more than nothing,!!!

oil on canvas, 20 x 20 cm

oil on canvas, 20 x 20 cm

Our intention for the year, the new moon on Sunday the 10th, just past and over the next few days is a particularly good time for setting your intentions for the year and let them go and let them unfold.

I was chatting with a friend and I mentioned that I had put my vision boards (I sometimes have a couple of them) away just after Xmas. That I felt that when I did my yoga for the time being I just didn’t feel I wanted them in my vision in front of me…..a sense of nothing in front of me, let go and trust. I didn’t need visually that busyness. It felt distracting rather than supportive for the time being. While chatting she was saying around the 10th for setting intentions was a better time rather than before that as it was more about letting go. Anyway, it makes sense now that after the 10th I can bring my vision boards back again if I feel the need to.

I get quiet and listen to what my heart tells me…..confusion, feeling freaked out, disheveled and like I’m flailing around means NO……feeling great or a definite excitement or confidence in what’s before you in or outside is a YES….now we could look for a better description there, but I’m sure you get the gist of what I’m saying.

Art Therapy and counselling defiantly are a companion on your healing journey especially in a crisis. So either you will say to yourself ‘a top up would be great’ or maybe a friend or family member could do with some help…..it’s not about being an artist, the creative is just a tool, like meditation or yoga, or eating nutritional foods every day ….the therapeutic work assists as your own guide within you, that navigates your body to express what needs to be expressed. It’s not an intellectual process. That, in fact can hinder the process, explaining things away, staying in our heads is another way of avoiding what’s coming up emotionally and physically….once we let go it’s amazing how freeing, supported and a sense of hope that we feel.

It’s the build up that fear of the ‘omg what’s happening’, that can stop us. Let go and stand strong in the ‘I don’t know’, as that is an asset not a liability. I fully support and guide you as you work through the changes in your life. It’s in this, the service of work, that I love to do for my clients.

For those who would like to step onto the path Raindrop Technique (RDT) with the use of therapeutic essential, this process is calming and works, on all levels of our being. Due to legalities there are several aspects I am no longer able to suggest here. But this a long with the Crystal Light Bed Healing (CLB) are processes that compliment the work that I already do. Some may choose to do either of the RDT or CLB on its own and other clients we do the art therapy and counselling and incorporate it during or after a period of time as a means of building the body systems, or rejuvenation levels back up. Having said that some choose just one of the modalities that I work with, and that is simply the way it’s meant to be.

It’s not so much looking for the 1 to 10 of how to sort our life out, with the steps from me, more that you will automatically devise internally and you will know instinctively what steps to take. And also, the people that you need to engage with to assist you in your next steps in your life. Intuitively you begin to trust your inner knowledge and guidance working with me. You listen, you take action and even if the results may appear not what you were asking for, its a part of the journey, and can seem quite obscure initially. Stay out of your head/worry/control about things, breath deeply. Let go and trust. I also can find this a huge challenge at times, but time again I am always guided in some way or another.

Any questions or feedback please …… Send me a reply

Love, bliss, grace and adventure Angela

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