The journey continues – this drawing I have been doing over the past 6 months. Its been a long time in the making. My Astrologer had mentioned that my Art may take a long time to produce this year, not necessarily because I was busy doing other things.
And sure enough as I re listened to that astro-cd a couple of weeks ago and again yesterday, I was reminded of my Art journey this year, of what could unfold. And here I am taking months to complete one drawing!
Others seemingly more complex have take 1/4 of the time.
But this has been a case of the paper not talking to me, I hadn’t felt invited at all to even start, and this blank paper sat fixed to my easel in blankness! My job was to get out of the way, stay out of my head, not even do thumb nail sketches, as this is not what these drawings are about. Be in the moment and just do the work when it arrives!

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm

Then ideas began to flow and as soon I would start, that flow ceased again. It seems indicative of the metaphor of several aspects in my life right now. And not a moment sooner will the idea, plan, job appear. So patience and just get on with other things.
But over the past couple of weeks I have really embraced the drawing again, it’s been flowing and I have enjoyed the unfolding. The centre in this one was the last part to reveal itself. And once again similar to previous drawings but I recognise it is progression in the overall series. I am starting feel connected to it much more, a warmth and synergy as opposed to the obvious first layer rawness.
There is a lot of work to happen with this drawing as yet but I am starting to feel momentum and excitement, connection as already mentioned as the next few layers are put down. There’s a lot to be done, to show more depth and movement.
I also need to buy another set of pastels as I am low on several colours……