December Blog 2021
Here we are in the final month of 2021, another huge year in our world and all that it has presented overtly and covertly. Some of us have done a lot of research to make sense of the territory we are in and follow many leads of what’s been presenting on the many levels and others do otherwise. We are a diverse in our leanings and it takes our differences to break through into new space so as to move along in a way that’s beneficial to us all.

It’s important to listen to your inner wisdom. What is your heart saying about all of this, the demands being asked of us all, in our current moment in time?

Whether you decided to head down the rabbit hole in research or not, it is important to look after yourself. And to honour one another’s choices, even if things feel completely out of alignment with where you sit in your life.

This is a time of the great awakening and one where all of us have choices to make as I continue to allude to in my blogs. Are you making choices from your considerations or because of others telling you? What is your heart really saying? Can you trust you?

I’ve heard the words ‘Selfish’ used but what does that really mean? Selfish if you do or don’t do whatever is being asked of you is merely a positioning of ideals, learned models and ways of being, which of many are now beginning to show signs of flailing in the wind, not working.

This time is asking you to go within and listen to you. Already stories are coming up for the best, for those having walked away from what was not sitting right within them. Many just could not do what was being asked of them and are now beginning a great new adventure and the doors are opening for them, and quite rapidly. It’s so about the trusting and taking that jump into the wilds of the life we live. It appears not easy and even scary but it’s about stepping out of the comfort and inviting new opportunities.

We are up-levelling and many believe that we are and many would say piffle. Again, what’s important is to shake off the models that have been dictated to us, directed at our health and well-being. Many of the mainstream models are big companies and all they are interested in is the bounty they derive from their investors, the dividends they receive. Nothing to do with health and well-being.

It is up to us to educate ourselves and not be a victim of life, help and love one another where we can.

We each have to do the research and see what path it takes us down, asking questions. Simply put if it doesn’t feel good, day in and day out, then that path is not for you, why do what you loathe? Or know that it isn’t forever make of it what you will as in make the best of it for now.
Make the changes that require you to have a life that you love, and that offers you some great challenges and adventure. Feel it deeply, be what and where you want to be in your mind’s eye and release for that to arrive.


Whatever the Christmas celebrations are for you, may they be filled with love and enjoying one another’s company. If you are alone I would suggest that you ask yourself is there any isolating going on here? Is it time to seek others out and give yourself permission to have fun. I actually love being alone but I also know that I need to have relationships with others where we are sharing and having great conversation, or meditation or sharing a meal etc. A good balance! Here cheers is to sending much love and that we help and love one another and that we intend that 2022 has much greatness to offer us all.

My offerings for you to gift yourself or others:

-I have my oracle posters available that come with the oracle meaning.

-My benevolent and divine Clearing Mist that has blessed water, therapeutic grade essential oils and Bush essences that were made in the hours of Jupiter.

-Along with my book that is a tool for you to do your inner work, use it as an oracle guide and meditative gentleness when using the black and white mandalas at the back of the book to fill with the colours of your choice.

If you have queries about the work that I offer in healing and the spiritual path then you are welcome to ask questions.

I am offering a program for those who would like to consider doing a healing intensive journey. This program will be offered in person at my clinic as well as on line nationally and internationally. It is not for the faint hearted it is for those wanting to step up and do the work. https://frizzkirby.com/product/empowering-life-journey/
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Much kindness and gentleness for you
Any questions please reply
Love Angela

Sessions with Angela
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– I am also offering sessions face to face on line via skype, Zoom, face book messenger, face time and telephone. I have several processes helpful to keep the stress levels down and learning to be with yourself in a way that you feel safe. There’s No point sitting and remaining in suffering.
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