February Blog 2021
May February be gentle for us all as we focus on the love and productive areas in our health and wellbeing and away from the toxic and ill at ease!

Filters are on so the lower frequencies of fear are swept away. It becomes a way of life that in turn assists in discerning your feelings and thoughts for the better where you know instinctively what your choice will be. It can take some time as one builds trust and confidence in self but in time you fully trust in you, you know you. And that is through doing the personal journey work which continues throughout our entire life in some format or other daily.

I’ve almost completed my Vision Board (VB) for 2021 and I will activate it on the next New Moon. Where I will set up a sacred space and consciously go through what is on the board to reverentially usher in my intentions.

The affirmations and drawings on my board have actually already begun the journey of integration as I collated them over the past weeks, but next is the acknowledgement or ceremony. That being a sacred time that I will give this as mentioned above. Trusting in the bigger picture, tapping into the light of life that is offered to us all. I’m conscious and have respect of the timing rather than rushing this process.

This one I chose to draw icons that represent the subject matter as a change up from magazine pictures and the like. It actually feels better and through one of my teachers and guides of over 8 years who went through the process, there is a couple of new aspects that I really liked additionally.

I am sure that over the next few years I will utilise magazine pictures and words again maybe but for this year it’s far more a creative venture for me. Each to their own, I’ve done many VB over the decades and it’s great to make a change in how we can birth these. It is another tool to have in the background.

I have found with more reverence and allowing life to unfold, without force, once intentions have been completed, that in what-ever way it arrives is the most suitable.

Letting go of rigidity, allowing the format in which an intention comes about is the learning, and to flow with that.
How will this serve you and others?
Are you prepared to make the effort with what you are asking?
What are you afraid of?
It is valuable journaling about the intentions you are looking to invite in or enhance your life with.

Some situations can take seemingly a long time to arrive so it’s not about giving up, it’s trusting in the releasing of. Levelling into the that vibrational match then we open the door. So, it’s important to be able to imagine and feel that the situation is already here, that our unconscious mind does not know the difference, that it calls it in.

Whatever your beliefs are we are inviting in that benevolent higher power that for you might be God, Buddha, Spirit, Universe or maybe you don’t have a belief system that you work with. Whatever your beliefs are is perfect and the VB can be utilised if you choose to, and ignore if this does little for you right now, that’s ok.

And while life’s on-going ups and downs prevail it’s nice to know that you have some plans in the field of all possibilities. Rather than being in hopelessness, in ‘doing’ you’ll be surprised at what arrives as you turn the grip on procrastination or fear or pain and suffering around.

Look after the insatiable needs of the inner child, who can be demanding and carry on if you aren’t taking care of her or him. Make sure you are having fun in your life. A VB will help with this, getting creative is getting personal with you, an adventure as you dive deep within to get clear on what you would like to have in your life. (There’s a lot more that goes with making this that I wont go into here.)

Everyday life continues on and the reality of living in a 3D time line is with its fixed responsibilities. So, we get on with our work and living, catching up with friends and making any changes that you feel you need to make to invite in the magic that life offers. The world of synchronicities is filled with possibilities once we let the fears go. Nothing is guaranteed and so making the most of every moment in the day is a good job to have.

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Much love and calm

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Much kindness and gentleness for you
Love Angela