October Blog 2023
Hi to you as we do October.

I wonder how you went with being ‘loving with yourself’ re last month’s blog? Let me know how you went?

I gave myself time to be with me in a way where I could feel and be loving and creative and allow the flow of being in sync more with the universe. I was conscious of being in alignment listening to my inner guidance and made choices from that place knowing they were more from where I was aligning with on my path.

Being gentle and loving to self feels great, so that it is an everyday thing in our lives.
Aligning with and honouring our self, that then, filters out into the world and where there are those who run along the same frequencies, you will also align with.

It is important to be stepping out of the memes of fear that construct unhelpful conversations in our mind that lead to anxiety. It’s being conscious of the choices that are being made and results that are ushered in.

When friends or family members leave our lives we can feel a deep sense of loss (through misunderstandings I am referring to hear). In time and with inner healing you then are making space for new and more aligned friendships. It is important to be around those we love and have great fun with as drudgery drains us and does not top up the feel good.

Placing healthy boundaries in with our peers, family and friends, is allowing yourself more freedom and less getting caught up in stories in our heads that are unhealthy and toxic.

Once you’ve had some respite, time to gain perspective about yourself and where you are at, then you can scan over your life and know who you feel great with, and those who you feel drained being around.

Those who you feel drain you ask yourself what is it in me that needs to shift if being around them is not an option but to be around them? The lesson is about you not them, they have their own lessons to go through. It isn’t up to you to be in judgment and gossip about it, even though that may well have been the default that you go to as we’ve been programmed to blame others. What in that, requires updating, changing, releasing, letting go of to not be so triggered by another. Sometimes if the situation is toxic then the choice to move on then is optimal. If that isn’t possible then how can you ask for help?

Ask yourself questions, what is going on here that isn’t making sense?
As asking yourself many questions will help to get clear about what needs to be done. Sometimes just waiting is all that can be done and so putting in healthy boundaries, and watching what comes out of your mouth and how it is delivered. Are you adding to the charge and making the situation more difficult or are you assisting it in a way that allows growth change in a safe way without going off the cliff?

We become familiar and adept at the wisdom that is offered to us daily and initially we might choose to scoff and carry on, but in time, being in difficult situations is teaching us great lessons. Be gentle and kind and if there’s your own triggers happening then remove yourself from the situation.

We have so much to learn in life and what we’ve been taught initially is a starting point and then it is up to us to continue to learn. What is it that interests you, what do you love, what do you need to be aware of, again asking yourself the questions to stay on your path. One that is life giving not life taking. And only you can answer that. If you need a hand, then you reach out to whom you feel can assist you to get on way once again.

Releasing our old traumas our old stories that hold us back and keep us feeling awful is what needs to change. Ongoing personal journey work is akin to servicing your car, only it’s you that you are guiding and learning to love and trust in life. Its our job to work on ourself, our responsibility.
Much kindness and gentleness for you
Love Angela