December Blog 2022
Stepping into summer with Christmas on the way. And so, I am sending you a lot of love and may this time for us all be restful, fun and gentle. And in whatever way it arrives, as we are all different in what our beliefs and traditions are, enjoy Christmas time.

It’s fascinating learning about how others do this time of the year either with family or friends or some of us spend this time on our own. I know I love the quiet and calm and easing into Christmas with a gentle approach. The big booming days of the past I thoroughly enjoyed but for now for me it’s a quiet time.

I really enjoy a beautiful warm sunny day as much as I do a big storm, and billowing clouds with the sun enhancing the white from another part of the sky. I love weather. And having been bought up where I was on the land where daily weather check ins was a big part of what determined what the days’ work consisted of. I got see the skies for extended periods each day it was a gift.

What needed to be done ahead of time especially if a storm was rolling in and if we had sheep to sheer, the sheep must be dry. We still worked if it was raining, I recall being out in big rains building fences and whatever else required attention with my dry as a bone on. Down the South East if we waited for the rain to stop nothing would get done, so you dress appropriately. And it was always great to get home and into a warm shower, I appreciated the extremes.
And if it had rained we’d go to the rain gauge and check as to how much had fallen. That was always an exciting moment. As to checking in with the rain water tanks to see how much they’d risen.

I recall living in Sydney back in the 80’s briefly and had got myself into a hockey team and was called on a couple of occasions not to come along as all matches were cancelled due to the rain. I was shocked, I thought what is going on, as we played regardless down home! It was actually a thing to cancel, quite odd I thought!

The weather over the years has changed a lot. As has also, the way we live and do things. Now that technology has strolled and we’re fully ensconced in, life is very different these last few years. And with life getting better or improving in so many ways many of us learned though, that we decline and mostly not in a good way. When I hear a statement regarding being older in whatever manner I think of Wayne Dyer espousing ‘whatever you do don’t let the old man/woman walk in’. We speak our programs, let’s let them go if they aren’t life giving!


We all tread different paths and I have learned that we certainly can invite life to serve us well once we get out of our own way. We have been programmed in many ways through social media, tv, advertising, our family backgrounds etc. And it is up to us to decipher and figure what’s of value and what isn’t. Sounds reasonable and simple but deeply entrained programs follow us from the subconscious and for many not even recognised.

Working on ourselves I say is a life-long path and knowing when to do some personal journey work can take awhile to acknowledge. We certainly do get signals from the universe in many ways that suggest something needs a review and to be changed or moved on from.

In getting to know ourselves truly, deeply and in great love not only benefits us, but the people and situations we are in and around our daily lives. It is, I would say selfish not to do the work.

And the daily upkeep you can choose from writing your feelings down, gratitude journal, mediation, yoga, walking in nature and whatever you choose.

If there are situations showing up in your life where trauma or whatever chaos or life direction is needed take the next step to choose the person/s to assist you on that path.

We’re all in this together, learning our lessons and getting on as best as we can and so be gentle and kind to self and others. These times have been difficult and so the least we can do is having respect and helping others in whatever capacity we can.

If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to assist you with that query.
Lots of love

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Testimonial: I am extremely grateful for my inner and outer work with Angela this past year. I went through many changes and was feeling “frozen” in moving forward. I guess my mind was playing tricks on me.

The artwork, dialogue, body work, and clearing that Angela guided me through was empowering. My inner strength has grown as I progressed through work with Angelia. I’m now aware that I matter, am important, am loved and my presence on this earth makes a difference. I still refer back to her book, ‘Creating Wisdom and Magic in Life & Love’ as the exquisite mandala paintings are inspiring. Thankyou Angela for encouraging me positively along my precious life journey.
Adelaide SA

I undertook Angela’s “Empowering Life Journey” program which took me on a tough journey of self-reflection, I came out a different person then when I began the program. Angela is a wonderful guide who holds your hand along the way, for this Angela I am truly grateful.