May Blog 2022
Hi there, Great May for us all!
Another month in our life on planet earth.

What plans have you in store for your health and well-being as we hunker down for winter?

How’s your emotional and physical health moving along?

What are you grateful for?

The things I am truly grateful for in are my life is my daily yoga practice, my healthy living, the people who I consider my great friends, my walks, my writing and drawing along with my herbs and minerals and vitamins that I am always interested learning about and changing up if I get the inner message to do so. I also ask my naturopath/homeopath to test what I take from time to time, which is handy to check in.

With our health on all levels, it’s our own personal journey and taking responsibility for that in our learning around the foods we eat, water we drink and medicines that we choose.

I’ve gone through many stages in my life around what I eat and how I eat as a vegetarian. I observe, I research if I feel I need to and I learn from the many synchronous moments of what comes into my life, or leaves as to something needs to change. I am aware of what my body is sharing with me, but am I listening? I’ve gone through a few bingles here and there over the last wee while that I have had to listen to and really pull back and do some more and continued inner work and healing. Other paths are trying to unfold and get my attention and to open up. Then things realign once again and new road appear fresh and nourishing.

My yoga practice at times I might need to halve the load but I still get on the mat daily, not Saturdays or Moondays (full moon or New moon). I have learned to be gentler and kinder with myself as needed over the years rather than pushing through. There are days where my practice is just amazingly profound, it is a huge part of my life journey and practicing now for around 23 years or so I reckon, something like that. It is my rock and stability along with my nutrition, art and friendships and family.

I find the quiet of being with self so important, that might be here at home or out in nature. It’s when creative moments and insight become obvious, that I feel inspired and revived and ready to be and also work with others. Sharing a meal or being with a group that’s relevant to our life work is inspiring and helps us remember to get out of our own way and be there for others. But always look after yourself first so you are not draining or being drained.

I’m finding right now that intensity of the world needs to take a back seat, so there is renewal and faith being upgraded within. Quiet is gold but it is important to remember not to isolate, to spend time with those we know and love and can laugh and enjoy.

Staying out of petty carry on is best, ask yourself would you like someone speaking about you that way if it’s untoward? These times are about caring, love and community and being gentle and kind as we continue to evolve and the world around us changes. Let’s ride these waves of life with integrity and tenacity alongside of one another and whoever is your tribe, hang with them!

If you feel challenged or at a cross road of some description and are considering that you would do well in talking about what’s going on for you in your life, with confidentiality, in a safe space then you might like to do some transforming art therapy and counselling with me.
Or there are other modalities that I offer like relaxing and uplifting Reiki or Raindrop Technique or Crystal Light Bed then I can make a time for you. I look forward to hearing from you.
Life is for you, so that you can be there for you and enjoy living your life. Then we can enjoy others around us and our shared lives together, our love and friendships ‘gold’.

Much love & gratitude


Intensive Program – I am offering a program for those who would like to consider doing a healing intensive journey. This program will be offered in person at my clinic as well as on line nationally and internationally. It is not for the faint hearted it is for those wanting to step up and do the work. https://frizzkirby.com/product/empowering-life-journey/

Testimonial: I am extremely grateful for my inner and outer work with Angela this past year. I went through many changes and was feeling “frozen” in moving forward. I guess my mind was playing tricks on me.

The artwork, dialogue, body work, and clearing that Angela guided me through was empowering. My inner strength has grown as I progressed through work with Angelia. I’m now aware that I matter, am important, am loved and my presence on this earth makes a difference. I still refer back to her book, ‘Creating Wisdom and Magic in Life & Love’ as the exquisite mandala paintings are inspiring. Thankyou Angela for encouraging me positively along my precious life journey.
Adelaide SA