March Blog 2022

Here we are into March, the season has changed and the promise of winter around the corner. Autumn in Adelaide is always spectacular from the falling leaves to the mystical looking skies in the never-ending vastness of the ushering in of the cooler months. It would definitely be the best time of year for me season wise, and winter is relatively easy here in Adelaide.

Where I was bought up I really felt the cold, it was relentless (in the South East of SA). I recall at school being in classrooms and often reprimanded for standing in front of the heater! So close and yet so far. But, it’s not really in the colds of the likes of Russia, Europe, USA and Canada. Where they are deeply in the freezing temperatures through their winter season. And while parts of Australia are freezing we aren’t like the northern hemisphere. Simply just going out and getting into your car can be huge when first you have to clear the driveway of the snow fall to drive out if that’s even possible!

Weather was always a part of the daily chat, where I grew up, because of living on the land, it was how we navigated our way for the day.
If it was shearing season and the rains were due then we had to make sure the sheep were mustered into the yards and then into the shed to keep them dry for the shearing. And if there’d been huge rains some paddocks were difficult getting around them to see how the stock were.

I used to feel particularly sorry for the sheep once they were shorn and then sent out in the cold weather. They certainly didn’t show any disdain, in fact they were pretty excited about being set free!

It wasn’t always like that as some days were stinking hot in the shed and as Roustabout it was hard work penning up, picking up the fleeces, throwing them on the table and sweeping the board, especially if there were 4 shearers. I loved the job, and really looked forward to it, but a few days into the first week (of around 6 weeks or more) I’d try and remind myself of why I actually loved it as it was hard slog, but it was the shearers who had the hardest job. But it was also tough for my father if some of the fleeces were average and affected the sales along with other concerns. I admired his tenacity to move through issues that arose.

Anyway, it was the long distance of a beautiful landscape, that I recall seeing out of the shearing shed louvre windows that allowed me to dream in a moments’ break while waiting for the next fleece to pick up and throw on the table to be skirted.

The beauty of the undulating paddocks that I knew off by heart. I’d been around them hundreds of times checking on sheep and cattle or heading out for mushroom hunting (that I never ate, pook, Mums Mushroom Sauce smelt awful, and she was a great cook but whoa this was something else!), fence mending, windmill and trough checking, ewes and lamb checking and so many other things that go with working the land. It’ a lifestyle and always there was something awaiting to be tended to.

The choice of thinking is of great importance now, keep your frequencies high and keeping away from toxic situations or news and the like that pull us down into states where we can feel awful or in fear. It does nothing for us other than to add to the collective toxic soup. So, let us lift into the light and send those who need assistance love and whatever we can give, along with ourselves the gift gentleness and love.

Keeping your resilience high and health at optimum level you might consider a Raindrop Technique, it is certainly a good health booster with all the oils that are used. This is chemical free and so good for your system as we slide into the cooler months. Or a Crystal light Healing Bed for healing, clearing and calming. And there is Reiki that also drops one into a deep state that allows healing to take place.

If you live in the city going out into the country is a great top up, fresh air, miles of landscapes to ponder, and to garner the energy of the life force it exudes.

With much Greatness and Love in your Life

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