January Blog 2022

Welcome into this New Year of 2022. Numerologically, that is a 6 and generally the number 6 year relates to family, comfort, peace and harmony, new relationships along with many other aspects like being aware of not being taken advantage of, being discerning and aware. That number changes when you add your birth day and the month you were born in with it.

I’m moving into a 4 year 24 January which is 24 (day) + 1(month) + 222(year) = 13 then 1 +3 = 4 that being the year I am in this year. A year to not force things, allowing life to unfold, keeping my nervous system in check, stability and discipline. Balance is what we all can do with. And one can certainly dive deeply into numerology to ascertain the energetics of the year ahead. I think it’s valuable to have this knowledge in the background, self-care on all levels helps you to really understand, know and listen to you and act as needed, as you trust yourself.

I am fascinated in having my astrology being charted for the year (yearly) along with the numerological year. I look into the info, then let it be and a couple of times during the year I check in to hear the taped version of the astro’ reading. Helps me to know generally, the months ahead along with the entire planet energies. Whether or not it’s a behind the scenes type of year or an up-front stepping out and about in public type of year. 

I also am embarking, personally, on a month-long conscious body of shadow work along with setting intentions of the year. Overall building and hold space for the unfolding of what’s ready to be shed and allows what’s ready to be ushered in. It’s actually an on-going life process but from time to time it’s good to do a focussed body of work.

Setting intentions, vision boards, prayer and ceremony need not be followed but I have found that no matter what appears in life, no matter how bizarre things have been, especially over the past couple of years, that a sense of stability and standing strong come about through intention.

Life continues to be a mystery and sometimes it appears like it can be a disaster, but we find ways of getting through and to a side that allows us to see that a huge problem, that was being had, and seen and gone through to open up a whole new way of life. That’s what we have all been going through in varying degrees.

What is it that you would like to manifest this year? What is it that might be required to move on from to allow that to manifest? An old relationship that’s ready to either be revamped and worked through or let go of. A new way of working, bringing in your weekly income from a different source. A creative interest that may have you mix with other like- minded folks that brings in new friendships. Time to retire into a new way of living? What is your service in the community?

Whether you sit down with a note pad and pen and pose yourself a few questions of shedding what’s ready to be moved on from and then what you need to do to make some changes. Then what is it you would like to achieve? I wouldn’t get caught up in the how is it going to happen but to just allow yourself to flow without any restrictions, intend what it is you would like in your life to happen.

You can make a vision board with either pictures or you can draw your own symbols / sigils that represent what you would like in your life. Covering your relationships, your career, your finances, spirituality and other areas that you would like to. Or just focus on one or two areas. Sky is the limit, you decide, listen to you and what do you feel is the right way for you. You could do an addition of subject each month.

Helpful life tools 1 – My book ‘Creating Wisdom and Magic in Life and Love’ has 12 process’s that you could do one a month or x fortnightly/weekly, it is up to you to help you move through any emotional turmoil that could do with clearing up. It is a book where you have it for life and use it as necessary to assist with upheaval or if you are ready to shift into another level. It also has 54 oracles in there where you can randomly open up to after enquiry of what would you benefit from and that would be helpful. And black and white mandalas ready to be filled with colours that you do with pencil, meditative, calming and relaxing.

Helpful life tools 2 – I highly recommend the 3 month journey that I offer if you are ready to do the inner work. I can take you through that whether you want to do on line or face to face in my clinic https://frizzkirby.com/product/empowering-life-journey/.

My book would be a self-discipline process that you take yourself through and the three-month journey that I take you through. It is life expanding and as you step into your own personal power you make choices that are empowering you on your life path.

It isn’t for the faint hearted.


Great way to start the year, clear and cleanse yourself along with the healing treatment, your home surroundings and family.

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