April Blog 2021

I decided to touch on the ‘stories’ we tell and talk and live out in our lives for this blog not long after I sent last month’s blog out.

Sometimes I have a download and glimpse into what I will write about for the next monthly blog early in the month. And sometimes it’s not until a couple of days before I send it out that what I am to share, even if it’s repeated and needs to be reiterated, comes through. It becomes obvious and I tune in and write away.

The amount of times I heard the ‘let the story go’ or ‘what is the story you tell’ was so interesting, the synchronicities were flying in within almost moments after decided to write about the stories we tell ourselves. So that was a yes, listen in, and how do I resonate with the stories that are showing up in my life?

Tell a different story…if you don’t like the stories or the way you speak or feel after you’ve spoken then change the words you speak. You might even feel cranky and want to project blame onto another, but if you were to go into the story, what’s it really all about there are hidden jewels.

There are many levels that is for sure. Write it down.

It takes practice that’s all, as we are programmed in many ways. From our family history, the collective consciousness, our friends and what the TV and social media etc spread into the world. Some great and some not so great.

Letting go allows synchronicity to arrive, to come in. Ask for what you want and then listen. Its subtle, life is abstract in so many ways that the moment you try and control it, the process becomes rigid and dissipates the energy and stops the flow.

We have been taught in certain ways and a lot of our beliefs that lay within this 3D system, that we reside in, doesn’t allow for us to trust our intuition, our inner guidance.

For me it’s been several decades now of working within many systems that are available to us all. It is about raising our levels of consciousness, it’s a path considered more spiritual in nature. As the 3D world allows for things only that can be seen in reality, the material world and the rewards it offers along with the pain and suffering that we can become victim to and stuck in. That’s a big story within humanity.


Engaging in spiritual practices like yoga and meditation assists in opening up to the higher realms that are available to us all. We still remain in this world doing the things that allow us to live and be within the systems we reside in but with the path that offers higher principles that come from love, integrity, grace and a lot more peace within.

I find with regular honour, respect and through ceremony for not only birthdays but to have reverence for those passed over. I have a special place for a few things that I want to give a little time to in honour. It allows reflection and to trust in life and that while we learn from each other it is important to learn to listen to your inner world and what it is sharing with you. Your gut feeling, the internal system that filters what is coming in.

But ultimately if you keep telling the same story, then that is what keeps turning up. And the more passion in thoughts and words in telling it the proof will be there for sure. Even though you might not have proof of the future support you think you need or want, if you observe and reflect on your life you have already evidence of where you have been helped along the way and in many ways.

If you journal your thoughts, your observing and realisation moments, you are recording and giving credence to being supported. Things showing up at the right time, which might not necessarily be the time you slotted but a time that was the best time overall. You can reflect and then see how everything slotted into place, and that which didn’t was let go of and while there maybe, some grief around that you can certainly see over time the value in the change.


Now offering a program for those who would like to consider doing a healing intensive journey. This program will be offered in person at my clinic as well as on line nationally and internationally. It is not for the faint hearted it is for those wanting to step up and do the work. https://frizzkirby.com/product/empowering-life-journey/

The work that I offer is laid out on my website that has been recently updated by my great web person Matt from Tonal Range. I’m happy to share those details if anyone was looking for a very experienced web person just ask me.


Much kindness and gentleness for you

Any questions please reply

Love Angela