January Blog 2021

2021 is here, and for us all, may it be filled with love, great friendships, opportunity in the work that we offer and partake in and all else that supports us deeply. And that we honor the path that flows in Light and where we feel safe to be who we truly are.

It’s been well over 20 years of practicing yoga now and it’s one of several things I choose to do to sustain my health and well-being that I am truly grateful for. Initially for the first 12 years I had teachers to guide me and over the past decade I’ve been disciplined enough to do my own thing.
(I did do a few classes with Barry Beach when he taught here at Plant 4 for a wee while a couple of years ago but there wasn’t enough students at that time to continue).
Fortunately, the practice that I do is in a series of postures and how deep I go into them is up to me. I change it up on Wednesdays and Sundays by adding a different aspect from another level which gives me the opportunity to expand on what I do. Moon days I don’t practice, that being full and new moons and Saturdays traditionally with this practice is a day off also.

I have a special spot where I practice and which is in front of the heater where for winter is just so good and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this warmth, I love it. Alas not at the moment as it is summer.
It is a sacred place, and I have a few spots around the house I consider sacred for my spiritual practices.

Some days it would be easy to stay in bed and over the last couple of years I begin my practice a bit later than I used to and I have allowed the change to integrate. That took a bit to get used to, firstly in not feeling guilty which is crazy when I think about it and secondly that it might cut further into my day, also crazy as the day is still early! As some days my work doesn’t finish until well into the evening. It’s all perspective.

Making the effort in living my life as I do now and aligning it with what I offer as a practitioner so that it fits my overall life purpose is what’s most important.
I’m not perfect and I am open to new ways of being to enhance my inner and outer world and happiness so that I am not stagnating. I ask a lot of questions and research for answers and do courses and try different ways of being and meditating that are life supporting. Some I stick with other things I leave behind.

I have my regular practices in place that support me and for that it was truly worth leaving behind that which looked like the right thing but turned out not to be, and that’s ok. Learning to be discerning, checking in with self, re-evaluating, trusting that I put in place and what isn’t fitting l let go. Sometimes doing nothing is also a great thing to do. To be still and be with me or someone special.
This is all especially important during these times.


What is most important for you? How do you model your life around what you love? How do you make things difficult for yourself or stay stuck in a story, which doesn’t leave room for you in honouring your true self, yourself as a spiritual being? How do you love and support you?

I’m not suggesting religion here, this is about embracing yourself as a spiritual being, that which is much more than ego. And that through your own journey, that consists of researching and being drawn to those who are on a similar path as sign posts that help usher you into new levels of being. It is a natural process, although as we go through our own personal awakening (as well as the world wide awakening we are in currently), it is a journey that can be quite arduous. Another reason why we seek out those who can assist along the way.

We gather tools, we get to know our self that in turn, weeds out that which no longer resonates. Getting to know ourselves especially through the times we have been through over the last year has really been a huge journey. Resistance is futile and so how can you flow and feel good and enjoy your life? We all require assistance at some stage and looking after ourselves emotionally is something we owe ourselves.

We can then free ourselves of statements such as “I’m Stressed” or I’m anxious’. Initially however, feeling stressed is the impetus to make changes.
With tools you gather along the way that help you, the moment you notice that you feel emotional intensity, you are able to do something about it rather than complain about it which in turn perpetuates the situation.

The job is to acknowledge and then ascertain what you require. Learning to and listening to your inner self, your inner knowing, you will be able to hear ‘inwardly’ what steps you need to take. This takes time.

News: I am soon to offer a program for those who would like to consider doing a healing intensive journey. Details will soon be sent to you. This program will be offered in person at my clinic as well as on line nationally and internationally.
The usual offering of my work is still laid out on my website https://frizzkirby.com/sessions-with-angela/

Much kindness and gentleness for you
Love Angela