April Blog 2020

Be gentle be kind, as we traverse these times. A lot of love and hugs for us all?

Being here right now in today, not in yesterday or tomorrow, I would consider the way, to be present. It will support you, so as not to feel lost in the wilderness of whatever might be surging through your mind if it isn’t loving, helpful and life giving.

However, it is ok to be upset if that’s what’s happening right now and then working through it, it will dissipate.

It has been quite the journey hasn’t it. I wonder how you have been looking after yourself as it would be easy to get caught up in the external happenings as it’s been so in our face? I personally choose minimal incoming news, if any on a given day and continue my daily practice of yoga and meditation. In fact, the meditation I have added extra in when I can, along with continued fresh foods, super foods, calming oils and balms and the usual walks.

Not knowing how to navigate through this passage of time can elicit fear. And being, of course, very concerned about where this is taking us, can make our inner life very uncomfortable. I certainly have felt the tension or pervading energy, that has sat in my stomach from time to time. Some of which is mine a long with what’s in the ‘collective’ that we can all feel, especially if you are sensitive. So, it is important to feel it and work with it rather than forcing or creating resistance. Journaling is one way to connect to that as well, it releases, as long as we don’t stay in the story or catastrophizing. A discussion with self on paper does have many advantages, just try it.

Staying home in any imposed isolation is an opportunity to invite inner stability, learning to come from a place of love and for any of those around you instead of battle, fear or procrastination. Or whatever way that you wish to describe what can happen in isolation for you. We have a choice and coming back to basics in appreciating the very fact that we are alive is a gift.

This is a time of change however, life is change and we need to trust that we can get through this. Getting caught up in ‘how’ might not be useful ‘right now’, take notice of that. This is a great opportunity to get jobs done around home that we’ve been putting off?

Along with being grateful and in the stillness, it can garner a great appreciation of others and to have some fun, to lighten up.

Meditate, meditate, mediate, calms the ego turmoil if you are finding that a frequent visitor.

I understand that in difficult situations to have some guidance and insight would be of great value in your life right now. It is nice to know that we are all in this together and I feel it is important to be here for you along with all your other support systems! We will get through whatever this is, and some of us will make huge changes as a result, and we have to trust that it will be for the better.

Where we can help others is a gift to them and you. And while you may not agree with what others believe, this might be the time to either move on or just listen. Its in respecting each other and our thoughts that we can learn what boundaries to be put in place. It will save disagreements. A lot of our old patterns could be welling up now, projecting that onto others only leads to suffering for all parties.

We are breathing, we do have people around us that are either family, or friends or people in our neighborhood, great. I know what it is like to not have family around but rather than isolate and fill my mind with mindless programs on the tv screen (some things are great I know that and a good session is ok of course) as it isn’t life supporting, I take great care of myself.

So, gifting yourself support, love and quiet, as where you are now is exactly the right place, know that, this will enable calm and the ability to shift any blocked stagnating energy within your body. Nature reminds us that life is amazing so get out into it.

– I am here for you, offering sessions one on one as I have my own private clinic, as the majority of you know, fortunately without the traffic of other people! Appropriate Distancing is in place.

– I am also offering sessions face to face on line via skype, Zoom, face book messenger, face time and telephone. I have several processes helpful to keep the stress levels down and learning to be with yourself in a way that you feel safe. There’s No point sitting and remaining in suffering.

– For those of you who are local to me that I am offering consultations over Skype etc or telephone, I have been delivering the Australian Bush Flower Essences. With either a full usual consultation of $120 or a mini consult $60.

-Half hour Mini Consult -$60 consult, with $20 Essence- $10 petrol for Adelaide area within reason. Total -$90.

I also have available my exquisite Clearing & Calming Spray that has Therapeutic Grade Essential oils, Australian Bush Flower Essences, blessed holy water and spring water. -$30

-I can send Essences and Clearing Spray by mail for non-local consults. (additional postage).

-Not forgetting My book, that is a life guide. It has gentle therapeutic processes in it, along with meditations and that are also on my web site. The perfect thing to be doing now, transformative and supportive. It has my black and white mandalas for you to colour for calming along with my 54 mandalas that are an oracle, so you can choose one daily for guidance.

-$70 from me or on line through Amazon or Barnes & Nobles and other book online stores for $75.

You can Call me – 0417 850 748

Email – frizzkirby@bigpond.com

Big Love, Grace & Blessings with distant for now Hugs