March Blog 2020
Hi and much love to us all, as we sail through these very interesting times.
Breathe and breathe in and out deeply as the fears around us invite us into their enclave of sadness and hysteria. Our job is not to buy into, turn it off.

Being grateful is one of the biggest gifts we can give our self.
We are alive for one thing and to write a list of what you are grateful for and have a good look at it you can see how bountiful life is.

Life is change, every day something we have grown comfortable with can change in its form or leave altogether. We become accustomed to keeping things the same. But as we know things, situations and people in our life can become outdated, upgraded and just looking in the mirror we notice how much we change!

We draw on our past for knowledge and our experience collectively and personally to intertwine with new ways of being. And for some our physicality is hung onto tightly and where we will even pay a lot of money to keep ourselves looking youthful. It is interesting watching the changes occur over time, and sometimes it can be a shock to see them.

Acceptance of ourselves is a journey of which initially all seems outward focused, growing up learning, relationships, working etc. And while we may fear what others think and might say, it is important to keep the focus on the love of you from you. In a way focussing on what others think or may say is a way of avoiding what it is that’s surfacing, it may well be shame that you are feeling. It is best to feel it, listen to it, be with it and it will dissipate, avoiding it keeps it from transforming and moving on.

It’s important to look after the vessel we reside in to keep us able to get up and live a life where we feel alive, well and content. That in itself is huge, as we wade through all the material as to what works for us personally and what doesn’t, what’s real and what’s not!

Change could be in your home with your family and getting along with them, good boundaries and listening skills that allows one another to be themselves without criticism and to listen and to also feel heard.

Change could also be running a successful business within your community or larger community of the world, where your passion unfolds and that’s your bounty that you wish to share with the world.

Whatever is coming up for you in the change arena may be subtle to begin with and over time becomes louder in whatever format that may be. Either through discomfort in our body or a building up over time of falling apart or a job beginning to change management or quitting the job it could be any number of things that is the change.

How do we flow with the changes?
Asking our self is there anything that we could be doing to be clear about our intentions in moving forward?
Do you need to actually share that with anyone else, maybe this dialogue is more about you right now and to allow things to grow unencumbered, without any others opinion?
When it’s time to share or ask for an opinion, as you have learned to trust your instinct, you will know. The gift is to be able to listen to and trust your inner dialogue, those inner messages or intuition and insight.

The dilly-dally and the crazies are here to teach us life skills, in amongst what we garner from school and college. When we can rise above, and some situations might require a lot of effort, any pain and suffering or other issues or just time waiting, then we know what we need to do if anything, to adapt. It’s all in the growing up and being responsible, as much as we can.

The more daily personal journey work of self-care that we do the better off that we are in the ability to cope or know what to do with what we have with changes occurring. And that might not be much but at least with your coping ability you can assess and act accordingly, inclusive of others where required.

If you have any questions or would like to do some top ups with your inner work with a session then you can make a time to see me and we can go through any concerns that you may have. I offer the position as a gatekeeper in being there to facilitate you expressing your thoughts with assistance of inner unravelling and making sense of.

Much gratitude, health and peace