June Blog 2019
Happy winter warmth to you if you’re in the southern hemisphere and happy summer sunshine to those in the northern. I love the weather, it’s a new roll out every day and that’s a bonus.

All of my blogs are closely knit, merging with one another and are all about self-care, which others in turn directly benefit from. Often what I share is repeated, (inclusive of errors as I am not perfect!) being written in different ways, good, we need to hear things several times for the message to sink/sync in! These words are for you to read as they are for me to write and do as we choose.

I invite you to pose to yourself a few questions about what’s going on currently in your day to day life to consider as you glance over and review!

What if you are in a situation at the moment that feels like there’s no way out?
Are you stuck for the time being?
What it is that’s required or not required of you?
What is the worst thing that could happen?
And have you considered what is the best thing?
What is the turn around?
What can be done now?
What do you need to let go of?
This situation could actually go on for a long time, so what do you do?
Is it something that will settle over time?
Am I being fully responsible or am I blaming others?
Can you let things settle and do nothing, seeing what unfolds?
What other questions would you suggest that you need to ask yourself?
What are you leaning from this?
Do you need to forgive yourself or another?
Or maybe you are in an amazing situation and feel you can’t share it with anyone for fear of judgment!

Then you can make an informed choice about the where to, how, what and when, if anything needs at all, other than allow time, to be done.

I always mention and encourage on going self-care and that you are totally responsible for the choices that you make and if they turn out to be not as planned then make the required changes. We all make mistakes, if indeed they are mistakes for mistakes can often be the jewels we’re ushering in, it’s a part of life learning. Consider someone who ‘goes off’ at you about a so-called mistake that you’ve made. It is more telling about them than it is about you, so let that one go, for sure, you can feel the energy of the tension to let go of.
It could feel prickly hot or cold and sit in your stomach, your neck or shoulders or ears, all over for that matter!

If you see the situation as a failure what if you were to look at it like it was a valuable lesson. And what is the value?

Sit quietly and breathe deeply in and out for a few moments to help you get out of the egoic mind and notice what’s going on in your body. Observe yourself in what you are feeling. Place your hand on your heart and breathe slowly in and out, this will help connect with your heart to assist staying out of your head. Do this for a few minutes, and then go over the situation again, you may want to dialogue on paper with that. While you might not want to do that as you think you ‘know it’ or ‘got it’, actually writing it down shifts the energy of it, expresses what wants to be said and allows things to change. Holding it within keeps things at one level, I would say, writing it down allows it to evolve, you witness much unravel.

I would suggest that not writing is about resistance, for a moment ask yourself the reasons why you wouldn’t give yourself 5 minutes to journal what’s been going on. It clears the air and maybe saves sharing something that doesn’t need anyone else’s opinion put upon it, it simply needs to be expressed through writing. Then go for a walk, give yourself some time to ground and be gentle. Be with you, love you, trust you, and let the distractions go to really feel in touch with the ‘you’ in you!!!

You might well be surprised at how you feel after doing this, giving yourself some time to love you is indeed very important. Change is about you not another.

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