May Blog 2019
I feel really grateful that I get to share some of my thoughts, words and this world with you, whether it’s around our daily living or what I feel relevant in the moment to talk about. So, I must say thank you to those who have chosen to stayed tuned in with me over the years, I do appreciate it and really love to be of service. Even if it is in a small capacity in helping another get through difficulties or to take the next steps forward in life. I love you!

It is a community that I began a couple of years shy of 2 decades ago when I returned to Adelaide from living in NSW. Where, through my own on-going journey of looking for answers in helping myself and continued life studies, it was in helping others.

I have always looked for a way to shapeshift the darkness that would sweep in and where life felt treacherous and filled with fear. How do I not fear ‘this’ not knowing or not feeling safe? Acknowledge and feel it and not shove it down only to re-surface later. Or if it is resurfacing and feels familiar, then see the situation as looking from a different vantage point, one where you have already experienced and learnt from it. What are your next steps? Can you let this go instead being a victim of it?

I’ve mentioned this before but its relevant again, and it’s ok to reiterate previously mentioned topics and thoughts I feel, but that’s just my opinion. We are living beings with the capacity for on-going, self-improving, evolving and life enhancing ways that not only helps our self but others also benefit.

I could say that it all began in my room as a child where I would write my feelings down (as I had a lot of alone time as I lived on the land, and I must say I really miss the living in the country), and felt compelled to. It wasn’t about, that I wanted to be a ‘writer’, I just felt I needed to write and then draw, not that I needed to be a ‘drawer’, I just needed to draw. And would always feel a release of emotions either through tears, or a feeling of elation. Anger, usually, I would feel as I wrote and it was in the drawing that I felt great calm, that was the release.
And through healthy self-care of meditation, eating good foods, yoga, loving friends and family that life feels stable. This isn’t about being perfect it’s about what feels healthily right for you.

Being disciplined is a key to being regular with self-care and you are the only one who needs to be accountable to you! There’s usually the opportunity to discuss, in conversation, your thoughts and what you do. And then listen to the opinions of others but are those opinions sitting well with you? The lessons are ‘am I listening to my feelings or another’s and relying on them for my selfcare’?

We certainly can share and assist each other but knowing when we are becoming enmeshed in another’s life is a great lesson to learn. You get to be honest with yourself, speak your truth, be gentle not harsh with that and feeling safe in placing healthy boundaries. Not to feel guilty about it, make yourself or the other person wrong as that will definitely be your ‘stuff.’

Let me know your thoughts, enjoy keeping warm in winter for those in the southern aspects of the southern hemisphere. And those in the northern enjoy the ushering in of summer months.
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Blessings & Grace