February Book Launch & Blog 2019

I am happy to announce to you that I am having a book launch of my book ‘Creating Wisdom & Magic in Life & Love”.

I would love you to join me at Sunday 24th February at 1pm at the Woodville Library 72 Woodville Road Woodville South.

Kate Mc Ewen will be introducing me to speak about my book.

I will have a few books available for sale and can sign one for you if you choose to purchase one along with a few gift cards of my mandalas.

If you would like to join me let me know if you are coming along. I’d love to see you there.


February Blog

We’re into February and the days are warm and for my birthday last week we struck the hottest day on record here in Adelaide! Vastly different to some parts of the UK, United States and Canada where the big freeze has been lurking. I must say I do enjoy the warmth of summer but a cooler climate would be fantastic to live in.

Then where would that be, as this question comes up for me from time to time as of not being permanently tied to Adelaide? Tasmania or New Zealand where the cool is cold, sounds good to me, although Tasmania has witnessed big bush fires over the last while!

I do have friends who thrive in the heat and while I have lived and endured the Northern aspects of South Australia along with the Northern Territory I do find the desert, the heat, the colours and that which lives in the desert amazing in the resilience it expects! I love the vast and what it evokes emotionally, it’s a journey, a powerful one, but not full time for me.

The sunsets have been spectacular as have the clouds been, it’s that summer thing. And my walk in the evenings while still light, under-foot the grass is prickly this time of year, but any dog do I can see and miss! Adelaide does autumn very well so I am really looking forward to that, and when the evening star slides back in position where I can see it while I lean on my favourite trees….. I love my favourite trees……I could go on….

On my walks I listen to a lot of pod casts as well as nothing at all where many questions come up that I ask myself, and I wonder about, and what am I willing to change if I recognise that something is standing out or beginning to, that I possibly will have address.
I wonder what questions you can ask yourself to get to the crux of a situation or pending change that you feel you are being asked to step up and make those changes?

What are you not willing to change? Is it coming from integrity and honour of self or is it from fear of not wanting to change a thing? Getting honest with our self can be a challenge, as often we are in denial and can’t see the writing on the wall and fear is driving the bus! Is there anything I need to be aware of, do I need to do anything and what is it? Sometimes we need to wait for the answer to arrive not to force anything, sit comfortably in ‘I don’t need to do anything right now’, other than meditate or go for a walk to calm things down and step up the serotonin levels. To begin the first step by acknowledging change can set the ball in motion that could stop big issues arising later on. Sometimes we wait to get clear, or we speak with another to get clear, not looking for a definite answer from them but merely as a sounding board. Answers arrive but not necessarily when we want them, to, so it’s in the let go and trust when we put ‘it’ whatever that is, out there that the process is in progress.

Sending you the love, that we all are, to thrive, to be the greatest for self and all.

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