December Blog

Here we go, Christmas is now a very, very short time away. Are you excited? I am, but there’s a few little glitches writhing around that need my attention to shapeshift!
How will you treat yourself this Christmas? Who are the ones you will have around you or would love to have around you? What is it that you are doing on the day? Is it what you wish to do, is it about enjoying having fun and also gifting and serving others…. or is the being caught up in any drama that is happening in real time or in your mind?

Is it time to let that go and gather around the ones that you love and enjoy yourself? Who is it that you can help or gift to that could really do with some TLC in their Lives? Or are you giving the entire thing a miss! No matter what it’s your choice, and choose to feel good about that.

A couple of Christmases ago I was asking about volunteering at a particular locale in town but was actually turned away as the people involved being helped were definite about only having the regular volunteers around. Ok, fair enough and I also realised it really wasn’t the place I wanted to be a part of…Rejection is Upstairs Managements protection!!!!…. it actually took me a long time to find where I could actually volunteer where I felt I really loved to be and be there to serve and really felt that I belonged. And as it turns out it’s on line and helping many studying from around the world and fortunately in the line of work that I offer. So that is fantastic, it arrived at my doorstep, it found me. Serving those who are wanting to up-level, make changes in their life to step into their own power, shapeshift their difficulties and open up to their life’s purpose. It’s been a big job but also worthy for my own continued learning and growth.

It’s not about having the answers, more guiding another to find their own answers for themselves. That’s empowering for all involved it can lead to very interesting conversations.

Have the very Best Christmas and I encourage you to consider the book I have published to buy either for yourself as a Christmas Pressy or for another. Go to my website and there are links there to be able to purchase this book. There are also free meditations that go with the book that are available on my website that you can download. www.frizzkirby.com
A link to my You Tube Channel where I talk a bit about my book https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLnZB055Dn4

Be you be the fun and love you want in your life