October Blog 2018
The possibility to have a break away from our daily routine is of such great value for our lives. And if possible for you, to journey away somewhere calm and peaceful where you can chill out, do whatever stuff you want to do and whenever you want to do it!

There’s opportunity to see how other communities live, even within your own community, and for me how nature shows up around this planet of ours. And to converse with others to learn and share our stories is vital for our wellbeing on many levels.

You don’t have to go far to notice differences in weather patterns and how the peoples of a region have adapted, the foods eaten and clothes worn. But most importantly to spend time with yourself.
Staying around home is also fantastic and getting stuck into the things we’ve been promising ourselves to do, like the clearing of cupboards, clearing the shed, shedding and giving away the clothes you no longer wear and making some healthy tasty treats in the kitchen, gardening and planting the veggies and herbs that go with the season. The yearly moon planting guide calendar is great to work by. It doesn’t need to be huge to produce good freshness for your palette and for your on-going health regime.

Greens for salads and smoothies, along with herbs and veggies that are great for the coming summer months. One of my clients sent me a pic of his veggie garden very impressive indeed. You could live very well from what’s being grown. Permaculture is also fascinating to learn about in sustainability from the macro to the micro of our home and community.

Barry Beach has a lot of great healthy, organic produce at Beach organics at Plant 4, seriously worth having a look. Along with Remedy Bliss and her amazing classes are also seriously worth checking out. And not forgetting my favourite shop 73 in the central market, House of Health. Why not feel healthy, be healthy, live healthy, working on all levels of our being is our responsibility, so let’s get on with it.
The more, I believe, we can look after ourselves through living consciously, healthily and emotionally the more self-empowered you become. Education is at our finger tips these days and reaching out and asking is a great start.

And with great excitement and after what seems an eternity, my book is almost ready to be launched and I am very excited to be able to soon share it with you…. stay tuned…

If you have any thing you would like to share with me please do.

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Big love and blessings Angela