September Blog 2018
What if you were to be thinking supportive loving thoughts of someone instead of ‘I’m worried about whom ever it is I am worried about’? How can you be supportive about someone if you worry about them?
What if, for the time being, your idea of how you think their life is awful or they have the worst job or the worst partner was teaching them a very valuable lesson and that at the moment they are doing a special class in the university of life?
Staying out of the quick fix or the dramas of someone’s life is the most supportive thing that you can do. You can be there if needs be or maybe they need a professional to guide them or to just ride the wave and be a listening ear without trying to ‘fix’.

Are you actually avoiding you in some way, what are you not looking at?

How can you also be focusing on your next bold and fantabulous step/s if you are continuously focusing and sending thoughts out about others, and that you think you need to fix or at least have some input, or into the right or wrong realms! Could it be that you are actually avoiding yourself in some way? Have a think about that, what’s going on for you right now? And the better your ‘feel good’ vibes are going out into the world about another/s and self is a good all-rounder for collective harmony for others. We don’t want to be adding to another’s dramas by continuing the story.
Being conscious of our thinking is a step forward in creating more peace and harmony or at the least feeling peace and harmony in a chaotic situation. It takes discipline to keep a check up on our thoughts.

Lots of conscious thinking and feel good feelings flowing in our lives. Share your thoughts with me, any questions please ask me. I look forward to hearing from you