July Blog 2018

Fears and our ability to work with them, understanding them and making them your friend……the messages are a plenty, its being open to the wisdom.

Life’s daily situations rolling in and out easily and effortlessly without much attention paid to them and other days it’s like ‘what in the heck is going on?”

Many reasons upheaval happens either from a perspective of what you had planned didn’t work out, others seemingly giving you a hard time in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons, real or imagined, things breaking or falling apart, or you feel like yelling because you are seriously annoyed and you dump it all on another.

Staying in what I call the ‘60 minutes’ drama filled option only leads to the ‘sky must be falling in’ expected outcome. Getting past being the Victim and rescuing ourselves is a great option, it is taking responsibility for ourselves.

If we were to ask ourselves, ‘what are we learning from the difficulties that we go through with our spouse, or our friends or our work colleagues or our health issues or the script someone stole etc.? Or what are we learning from being around environments where we feel loved and supported as opposed to the opposite?

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm – Framed

Maybe the difficult person, friend, enemy, work colleague, health issue, feeling like you are out of control is a lesson in the university of life for you to assess and get past. React in a huge drama filled way, which I have been guilty of big time or over time learning not to react and trust that the situation will change, or maybe you can see it from a different perspective where you wouldn’t react and you watch it unfold and if there’s indeed something to deal with then you will. If we begin with doing our inner work, meditating, being around kind and loving people, eating live foods etc, our outer world begins to change.

Every situation is different and I am generalizing but sometimes the waves of universal energies, and the collective unconscious is affecting us and you feel tense from them and you plonk that into the issue/s you’re experiencing and off you go getting all upset. When if you were to take a break, go for a walk, take a big deep breath you would see that the energy has shifted or at some stage it will and all is well once again. Tough things happen that is for sure, but in hindsight I wonder what the metaphor, the learning, the grace was that you then realised? There are many precious gifts and jewels from our most difficult times.

Maybe a health situation is about slowing down, or changing jobs or learning to speak up and putting boundaries in. Same goes with relationships, maybe you’ve allowed someone to roughshod it over you for quite some time and while that may have suited you for whatever reason, even down to it being, that underneath it was about you being divisive to get your own way initially, or being co-dependent, and it’s now turned around and all seems to be falling apart. So maybe it’s time to either begin to communicate, speak your truth and in a way, that’s not hurting another or move on. The lesson is about you, not another as the ‘other’ have their own lessons to learn. The lessons aren’t about the other changing it’s about you and what you are willing to change in you.

There’s a lot to learn in this life and we are in a time where we have a lot of paths to head down to learn. What you feel drawn in the learning realms to do it, it adds to your repertoire of life’s grand designs of experiences that help you to be who you really are meant to be. Not the product of someone else’s ideas. That can take a while to let go of, that’s ok we have a life time to do it in. Or stay seated on the couch and do nothing, but that’s a choice and how is it serving you? Great if you aren’t well, and it’s time to chill and read a book or watch a funny movie…..

I would love to hear your thoughts please, and if you are ready to do some work on your self I have several healing modality options to assist you and top you up through the rest of winter.

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Much Grace & Blessings to you,