January Blog 2018
I am very excited to be announcing my First Workshop for the year
Will be Saturday February 3rd.

Happy New year to you all, yes, it is a grand one, and I am certainly grateful that we are all in this world together. And that I am able to assist you in one way or another with the work that I offer…. Whether it is as mentor or counselling and experiential psycho-spiritual therapy or intuitive awareness of the path that’s being travelled down currently with a variety of modalities that assist as my working tools for you.
Releasing 2017 and inviting in the energy of 2018, can you notice a difference??? 2017 was a productive and filled with new opportunities I found and 2018 feels to me so far, dynamic and with great potential? But let’s not get too far ahead as ‘now’ is the only place to be!!!
……I definitely get, that I have gathered large amounts of patience over the years with a lot of what happens in life and I can use plenty of examples, but this just came to mind so I am using it. I sometimes feel challenged when, for example, my Telco company is appearing to fall apart, the internet isn’t working, it continues to be that way and no one is seemingly assisting me, over several days, yeesh!!!
Choosing to keep out of the emotional stuff, and not dumping on the person, but sharing how it is and asking the relevant questions, it does sort itself out, and I am really well looked after. We have choices!!! The lesson is about me not ‘them’ and to step away from the internet and doing other things could be all that’s needed here, time out!!! The universe works in funny ways to give us a message!
We certainly have our lessons along the way, I will trust that the opportunities they bring are of great value. And how I handle things is entirely up to me.

Mandala 36a
So, what are your thoughts in the way you see your daily life unfold? What are the tools to help you in life? Like mediation, healthy food, loving friends, yoga, walking in nature to ground yourself (barefoot where you can) and the like. Are you being a victim and suffering through inviting drama filled ways of handling situations? What can you choose instead?
Our thinking for a starter has to shift to make change no matter how convincing the story line is! And I for one have been guilty of getting frustrated when things aren’t sorting out the way I expected, ohhhhh, patience hey??!!
Throughout this life’s journey, we bring to us people, places and situations full of lessons that invite us to search for answers, some of which feel perfect at the time and other appear indifferent and still unfolding. Keeping our eyes, ears, mind open and being conscious will
I will continue to tout Meditation as it is a daily activity to do for the rest of our lives, keep it simple, don’t complicate it. This is essential to our well-being like drinking good water and eating good food. It’s downloading the greatness that life offers us, connecting with ourselves, clearing the challenges. And this conscious change will over time work with the unconscious aspects of ourselves and in turn change the neural pathways in our brain enabling being in tune with our life force. You automatically begin making better choices.
That way we can be more the observer and flow more easily in our life. And quite simply we need, through the tough and the great times, to have a spiritual practice in our life, (I’m not talking about religion) for not having anything leaves the door wide open to remaining a victim when life brings a tough call. However, that is a very big conversation. When we choose to seek more in our life other than the material we can traverse the ups and downs knowing that life is change and that we each have our own special path.
Let 2018 be the best year yet.
I also offer Therapy Via Skype nationally and Internationally, of which works very well.
You can call 0417 850 748 to book session/s or you can go through my web site.

Sessions with Angela

Big Love, be proud and be grateful and if you have any questions please ask me.

Below, I am announcing my first for the year 1 day courses here in Brompton. I offer small groups only and this holds well for the experiential work that I am offering.
Workshop with
Angela Kirby

Creative, Emotive Expression
DATE: Saturday 3rd February 2018
WHERE: Brompton
TIME: 9.30 – 4.30
(Arrive at 9.15 to start at 9.30 please)
This experiential workshop is for those looking for emotional & spiritual support as we flow through the changes in life!

I welcome you to a day of unfolding, accessing and being the, ‘who you are in this life’.
A safe space to spend time exploring yourself on levels that you may not ordinarily do or feel, you have the time to do.
Or maybe this is a top up, a reminder of being true to you, releasing feelings of disempowerment & the like. This is your time.
You will be sharing a space with a handful of others, building trust and enabling the breath of life to ensue easily within!
You are perfect as you are, this life is a about Love and honouring your path.

COST: -Cost $130 & a non-refundable Deposit of $60 required
WHEN: -RSVP January 29th
BOOK: -Places will fill quickly so book early to ensure your place
WEAR: -Wear casual clothes that you won’t mind if they get a bit grubby (but easily washed), but you will clean up nicely on all levels!
BRING: -Please bring a healthy lunch, life supporting!
*I will have tea and healthy snacks
I’m really looking forward to working with you and can’t wait to get started.
Happy Big Creating