Deciding to go with the flow rather than against it, even if life appears to be showing drastic opposites of what we are wanting to manifest into our life. Getting out of the way of thinking that ‘my way’ is the ‘only way’, things unfold and happen, is the ‘step up to’ and ‘trust’.

If I’m sitting in pain and suffering and continually telling my victim story to the world in whatever manner then more of that is what appears.

While each of us have a path in life and is certainly valid in its offing from greatness, pain and suffering, to bliss, our job I believe is to recognize that there are many stages to this life’s journey and moving from victim to hero is for us each to unfold, not just a lucky few! Stop comparing now, remember gratitude ok!

The tools we garner along the way assist us in getting through the tougher aspects, as they are a part of life and our learning.

It doesn’t matter what we have materially, that is external, and while the material world can be a part of setting ourselves free, it doesn’t guarantee being happy and content.

For the lasting of feeling content and safe is all in the internal works within us.

I recall having what one might say as “everything’ in my life as far as the material goes, my own beautiful homes and what goes with that, a relationship, running my own business and savings but was miserable. I was afraid of spending anything, afraid of life, going through a lot of grief, abandonment, the relationship I was in was toxic and I was wondering how the heck to get out of what I had indeed set up! Welcome existential crisis!!! I had created another societal illusion, to move past and get on with the bigger picture for my life’s path. I am glad for the lessons that it all taught me, but for the majority I was living someone else’s ‘happily ever after’.


I was on a huge learning curve that is for sure and one of which I am truly grateful. For moving on from that meant letting the majority of it go and rebuilding and in recovering over the years to come, revealing where and what I am meant to be. Phew, a lot of trusting that is for sure, and letting go of fears. We all have our own lessons to move through and each has its own path in which to shape shift.

I feel it is indeed worthy of being proud of what our story is and being on the journey in being truly you, and searching, meeting others, learning, forgiving, laughing are all aspects that over time heads us in directions that not only raises our levels of consciousness, but give us the real guts of what life is here to teach us.

No matter how convincing our story is, in staying stuck, holding onto the pain and suffering and the people we surround ourselves with to keep us stuck, is incredible at times. This journey is our own personal journey and while there is help from others, the answers are indeed within us. It is up to us to do the research, learn, meditate, yoga and work on the long list of how to’s when it comes to being Truly You, and Me being Truly Me? That’s up to each of us to sort through and listen to what you feel will be of value for you on all levels.

I would love to hear your feedback, and please understand that my blogs do over-lap in content. It is all a work in progress.

A very big hug for us all and sending love out into this world of ours rather than the opposite.