August Blog 2017

It’s seriously blissful to be in a calm environment where you feel it’s easy, simple and safe. And creating a peaceful place within yourself, even in a crowded room, is something to embrace. It takes practice of knowing yourself rather than rushing around being busy and always in your head, analysing, thinking about where to and what’s next.

Sometimes there is a lot to get through, but if you are panicking before you even begin then your ‘future’ thinking is causing you anxiety!

And that isn’t conducive for your body-mind.

A lot of us don’t even know how to simply be without numbing ourselves with the externals like TV, noise of some sort in the background that’s distracting, that being, the many forms of technology, even arguing with others or in your head about something toxic about someone else that is quite possibly a projection of your shadow self! Phew, makes me feel tired just thinking about it!!! And I haven’t even mentioned toxic substances or other, used to also numb out on!

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm - SOLD

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm – SOLD

Music and the like certainly have their place but never experiencing stillness and quietness with our self or actually not even ‘liking’ it, is very telling of how much in touch or out of touch with ourselves we are.

I’m certainly guilty of getting wrapped up in mindless activity and thinking, of which is doing me a disservice. I make sure I am onto it before it takes over and creates havoc in my life, like extensive feelings of anger or sadness. It is important to acknowledge those feelings, and move through and let them go and not wallow in them. Being fully aware in the present moment, as this is the only moment there is, is where life is actually happening.

Creating peace in our lives can mean putting in healthy boundaries, like saying no to others or situations that we FEEL isn’t right at the time. Learning to say no can be tough initially, but coming from the authentic aspect of yourself helps you stand in strength and assurance, not fear and of what others may think or say.

Others will always ‘think’ something so your job is not to get into thinking about what you think they might be thinking! Because you don’t know even if you think you do! That is distracting yourself from yourself, avoiding being with you.

Listening to you and really understanding what it is you really want in your life and feeling excited about it, is the aim even if you think you aren’t quite ‘there’ yet. And besides, ‘there’ is always in the future and to bring ‘there’ to ‘here’, you have to feel like you are already there, here!

Let go of excuses, they slow the process, it’s also a form of avoidance, of which I’ve been seriously guilty of that is for sure. Focus on the job at hand and what you are wanting to create will all fall into place. And let go of how you think that should be, as you have other more important things to attend to, I’m sure. And to know what they are you will have to listen to yourself to find the answers! Get quiet, become still and listen, and if there’s no clarity for the moment at some stage the answer will arrive, trust that. Trust is the inner you, that is the real you.

Any excess energy is great to shift through vigorous walking, stretching through yoga or the gym or dare I suggest rowing a boat if that suits you! Movement shifts toxic thinking, releasing the endorphins, the ‘feel good’ chemicals. This brings about clarity and sets aside any dramas that maybe in your life, and that’s got to be a good thing, right?

Breath, be gentle, be still, be with yourself, love yourself and enjoy the ride, for the so-called disasters become the many jewels strewn throughout your life!

I would love to hear your feedback or any questions that you may have about the work that I offer.

Big passion, big love and greatness Angela