May Blog 2016

Through our journey in life we have the opportunity to grow on all levels….spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally…it does happen naturally, to a certain extent, as we grow up of course…but it is up to us individually to service these aspects and how you choose to do this is up to you. What you seek out or have come across in your journey and that you feel drawn to is a part of your next step.
We live in modern society where the material world is our focus and gauge for success, which is all very external based. That if we have a lot of things & success it makes us happy, and it can initially. I’ve asked my self with a few of my gatherings ‘I wonder how long I’ll be thrilled with this like I am now’, out of curiosity, how long will this be of value in my life!!!
But for sustainable peace & feeling content, even as we ride the great waves of uncertainty, it’s the going within, being in contact daily with who we are truly, without any masks, that gives us a sense of security, even if our world looks bleak according to what is projected onto us by society.
Masks are fabulous for protection, (learnt behavior) in not being fully who you are, as a way of navigating through the magnitude of life’s circumstances. And have their place no doubt, but as we grow, or our inner self asks us to, or situations appear that maybe dam uncomfortable, that we step up and find we no longer need to be acting out, we remove those masks and feel compelled to be our self. We give ourselves permission to be our self….it just happens…..and we find we shift away from those that we no longer feel good around. It’s not about the ‘right and wrong game’ its time to move on……or even moving on we are still stuck because we are still going on about it. Let it go and if you need help doing that then ask someone you feel you can trust or help you through this….and that help could also be in the form of a book, a course or listening to someone on You Tube who’s a self help guru, or synchronistic events happen that open the doors to a new way of life or the like.

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It’s a life long process of checking in with yourself daily “ how am I travelling”, as to whether or not you require an update. Now, what format you choose is entirely up to you and this is where we are lucky enough as humans to have those choices. Whether you go to a counselor or GP or a psychologist or a psychotherapist, a psychiatrist, or other types of alternatives, all are valid in which you choose to be a part of your journey at that moment
in time. Down the track that choice may change, great, life is change!!! We all have our opinions but really even some of the so-called incorrect choices have value that might not become apparent for many years! It just depends on where we are on our journey that our choice to see a certain person or join a particular group. The bottom line is that its your health and well-being that you are aiming to lift, align and better, so you can live without the constant fears & sorrow that accompany us throughout this life. When that pops up you can be creative with it and helps you lift out of the funk and see a bigger picture, see the value in the lesson. Or celebrate death bother metaphorically and literally, rather than spend time negating what happens to us all. So how will you choose to help yourself? How will choose to treat others in your world, which is a direct reflection of your inner world? How will choose to look after the vessel your Soul is residing in this life?
Please let me know your feelings, your thoughts and any questions I’m happy to answer.
Lots of Love and Grace Angela