April Blog
-Trip from Brazil
-Blessed Prayer Beads from Brazil for sale
-Meditation monthly



-I’m fresh back from Brazil having once again visited the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania for 2 weeks, a pilgrimage for my own on going inner healing work. And would like to say for all of you that I took your pictures over to place in the prayer triangle and for those I bought back the herbs for having taken your photo in front of John Of God, the energy and healing that’s been taking place has been immense. And amazing, in that it is helping not only those of us directly, already mentioned, but that the healing filters out to us all collectively. There is greater heart centered love for us all on a large scale that takes place when inner transformation is stepped into.

The personal journey, work that opens us up to who we are to be in this life is defiantly worth the effort, and one that continues throughout our lives. It’s not just doing a weekend retreat or a monthly course. For as we evolve personally, it gives us opportunity to learn and grow on a deeper level, as helping ourselves in turn helps many others and our planet, and that’s got to be a good thing!!!

And, in a way, that we personally are impassioned by, that it feels like the path to be on, you feel aligned with your self, your work and those around you. There’s a lot of Feeling there!!!!, and that’s what we require to get into, feel our feelings, sort through any back log of emotional blockages and that in turn it changes the neural pathways in the brain making way for new passages in life to traverse through.

The journey personally was very much on the physical healing level and that in turn slowed me down allowing healing to integrate it self more thoroughly I would suggest. The deep meditations were profound and I truly feel very blessed for the experience. I certainly intend to go again in the near future for continued growth and inner healing.

I am also pleased to say that I got a lot of use with Thieves, Oregano, Thyme, Basil and R.C. and Raven for decongestion and peppermint for calming any tummy turns……Its great to have these oils on deck for my travelling. And not to forget the Ning Xia Red Satchets and if I was feeling flat I had 2 satchets, doubled my dose for the day from 60ml to 120ml….which is what I do home here for a few days if I feel I need a boost!!!! That defiantly lifts my spirits. Thank you Young Living 🙂

-I have bought back some exquisite prayer beads, blessed by John of God and are quartz crystal, some clear and some green quartz and some rose quartz. They are $50 each that are available for sale in my clinic here in Brompton. A beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one that carries love & blessings on all levels.

-I am having a once a month meditation starting soon that will go for 1 hour. Meditation is the one thing that is a must do for feeling a sense of connection, stability and feeling grounded in our lives. Which is just the tip of the ice-burg as far as benefits that can be named for regular meditation.
The cost to you is $10 of which covers me holding space and having my clinic open for those interested one evening a month. You aren’t compelled to come each time of course, that’s up to you. This is a great opportunity to share a group connection, meditating together for a short time. And it not only assists you individually but also goes out into the ethers helping on a larger scale.
Tuesday evening starting at 7pm on the 26th April is the first meditation evening.
For those of you who are interested please let me know ASAP.
You will need to bring a cushion for comfort.

The Crystal Light Healing Bed

CB Pic

For those of you who would like to take another step forward in life, no matter where you consider that you are in that evolution, the Crystal Light Bed Healing is a profound cleansing journey. Re-balancing on all levels of our being via our Chakra system –spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually. This assists where there’s imbalance and lack of direction in life.
Inspired deeply by her trips to the Casa de Dom Inacio to see John of God, Angela has humbly taken his life work, in the capacity of the Casa Crystal Bed, into her healing practice, which benefits profoundly many lives.