December Blog 2015

-A few words from me

-Christmas Gifts to offer

-Soon Announcing 2016 creative and healing workshops

-The full force of heat has been ascending upon us! Diving beneath the covers of our homes and work place so to speak! The air conditioner on to keep the home/work bearable to be within, or it’s a hot box to endure!

And I have noticed friends over in Canada that they are already experiencing the big freeze, from their Face Book posts. Oh Such a contrast!

And so strange that in my time, back in the 60’s, as much as we grew up in a hot climate and yet Christmas was celebrated & displayed to us as being cold, with snow and the like! I recall a hot roast on a very hot day, just didn’t seem to make a lot of sense, when summer was usually about salads and cool things to drink….The Times have changed! A European Christmas was what was considered a tradition!!! It did taste good that’s for sure………but in this day and age a lot have moved on…What I am making will be Raw foods and to be shared with Indian foods….Yummo……just what I love these days.

Christmas is on its way and I feel very excited to be spending my day with those I feel are special to me. And despite the fact that there are several that I no longer share Christmas with, as they are either no longer alive, on the ‘human’ level, for me I know that my memories and love for them are still very fresh. Or, that we have grown a part for whatever reason and choose not to join together anymore, at this special time of the year.

As much as the Christmas celebration is vastly different than as a child I know I have a choice to either be sad about that, as I loved Christmas day, or I can decide to enjoy myself knowing that they who have passed over, are indeed still, in essence, around me. And those who have drifted off, it is, as it is, and I choose to be grateful for what I do have now in my life. Simple and it feels good, a perfect balance.

It can be a tough gig being miserable at this time of the year, along with the exploitation of a sacred time through the media. I choose to let that go and unplug myself from that which doesn’t feel good. I have found that the more loving and giving that I am the more I am shown love in return and feel up-lifted.

How are you going to help yourself, to help and love others this Christmas? Loving yourself by acknowledging you is very important first and foremost. Are you feeling stuck in a rut or feeling like, you are ready to let that go and give loving yourself and others the big Go Ahead?

Check in, with yourself, listen to the way you speak about yourself. Be curious of what you have manifested in your life, and do you blame others for where you are? How can you make changes, let the story go? Am I being honest with myself, and others when I speak? How can I say my truth in a way that is empowering instead of feeling you have to scream it out and be heard? That harks of the past unresolved issues that would be great to deal with……

Enjoy your Christmas, I defiantly plan to, no matter what, it’s my choice as it is yours.



-I have Gift Vouchers that are available for the Crystal Light Bed Healing for you to gift someone a special healing and calming for their Christmas. I also am offering as a voucher the Raindrop Technique using the Young Living Essential Oils. Both gifts would be a beautiful for a loved one and friends.



And also I am offering my art work for sale, the mandalas, ask me about my blank cards with the mandalas on them in packs of 6. They are also available in poster format as well. What a great gift for a loved one of having and original drawing of copy of, very special indeed. I have been working as a visual Artist for over 30 years and had 10 solo exhibitions and over a 100 group exhibitions professionally. The journey continues.

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm

A Kirby © 2015 Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm

-I am very excited to announce I will soon having more creative and healing workshops here in Brompton in 2016. Spaces are limited so first in first served. As, for me, a small group is how I feel best suits the work that I do. Keeps it safe and where you can share and feel heard and not hurried!!! These will be 1-day workshops and where I make a beautiful healthy lunch for us to share. Held throughout the year, I will announce the first 3 very soon.


Love and a lot of beautiful Grace and beauty in your lives Angela
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