Being healthy, keep our self alert & alive

We’ve landed fully into the New Year of 2015.
How are you feeling? Is your tool kit loaded with things that assist you in your everyday life? Are you eating plenty of fresh and non-processed foods, along with good filtered water to drink regularly. And one of my favorite men in the world David Wolfe suggests that spring water is the optimum, of course!!. Sometimes, I eat something thinking that its OK, then I know that its not because the symptoms begin to show pretty quickly – feeling bloated in my belly, tired and like I want to sleep right then and there is a sure sign that what I have eaten has something toxic in it, for me. When I’m eating really well I feel great, energized and content overall. Its up to us to be responsible for our self, searching out for the best foods is a great journey. I still love the central Market for Organic foods and ‘House of Health’ for my super foods, I love those guys, for me they feel like family!!

Mandala 36a

Sometimes it is a process of elimination as to what’s actually making me feel flat or tired or looking for a sweet fix. I check in with myself and being honest about that is the first step!!!! And what is that next step for you?
Are you listening to the hints you receive along the way, that itch to make changes, to take the first step? Are you in the gestation period where you could sabotage the next step and completely miss it by being impatient or speaking and thinking in a toxic manner? Being accountable for our self is a daily process and one that you must own. ‘Am I concentrating on other people too much and ignoring myself can be another way of self sabotage’?.
I love to guide and help others with what I have learned and experienced in my life as a professional therapist. Its up to each of us to do the daily tasks of self care, to be looking after the body and mind that contains our soul in this life time!!!!
I would suggest that a great way to top up the physical, emotional well-being is come and have a Raindrop Technique with me. It’s a great way to relax while I use the best essential oils in the world on you to invigorate, detoxify and energize you.
I also would some suggest that if you are feeling a wee bit flat not to sit on it but to come and do some process work around that rather than have it in your system to address at some later date, and possibly be more intense then.
I am available for appointments in Brompton, Adelaide, Australia so I can work directly with you or over the telephone or Skye no matter which part of the world that you reside.